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Investing in outsourced customer service means partially or totally entrusting the care of your customers to a third party.

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More than simply answering queries over the phone, outsourced customer service allows you to have a team of experienced agents represent your brand in the most professional manner. Aligned with your values, procedures, and expectations, these agents deliver service to your customers in a way that connects them to your brand.

Providing exceptional outsourced customer service is our priority. We know that replacing a lost customer can be expensive, often costing up to five times the cost of retaining one. Knowing that most people will make repeat purchases when they’ve received exceptional customer service, we aim to position your brand for success by helping you build long-term relationships with your customers as we strive to exceed their expectations.

Working with Telecom vs. Hiring an In-House Team

Customer service outsourcing with Telecom has profound benefits for your enterprise. With the estimated cost of recruiting, hiring, and training a new employee being 1.5 times their salary, outsourcing customer service can help businesses reduce costs and rein in their spending since Telecom takes care of these tasks. 

Cost savings only increase once business owners consider the advantages of a flexible workforce that can scale up (or down) according to the business’ shifting needs.

Having your customer support outsourced means you’ll never have to worry about purchasing new infrastructure or expanding your office environment, only to have those things go unused when you move in a different direction. 

With Telecom support outsourcing, you’ll only ever pay for what you need, putting you in full control of your budget.

Outsourced customer service can provide your team with the benefit of narrowed focus. When you offload your customer service responsibilities to Telecom, you’ll have the freedom to move into new markets and territories and the productivity to excel at revenue-producing activities like marketing and sales. 

Using our customer service outsource resources, you can meet your business’s goal of reducing costs while increasing your bottom line.

How Telecom Supports the Needs of Enterprises of All Sizes

At Telecom, we focus on building and maintaining contact centers that have the capacity to meet the needs of both businesses and customers. We hire agents of the highest quality, and our pricing model includes options to meet many different needs.

Experienced Representatives

Telecom, Inc.’s representatives are trained to see things from your customer’s point of view. When we engage with your customers, we are committed to servicing their needs to the point of resolution and doing so in a professional, prompt and effective manner. Our ability to replicate our partner’s best practices, policies and brand messaging is central to our project’s success. 

Fundamental to providing excellent customer service support is agents possessing advanced listening skills and delivering appropriate responses, provided with genuine sympathy and empathy. We fully appreciate how well we service your customers impacts your reputation and we make sure to apply the golden rule, treating your customers as we would wish to be treated. 

Training of support staff focused on these skills is vital when building an exceptional team. Additionally, we ensure that all agents receive project-specific training that focuses on helping them understand your knowledge base, CRMs, and OMSs.

Our agents will execute your dialogue plan escalation process in accordance with your existing business processes, ensuring that both your in-house and outsourced teams provide a top-notch customer experience.

Our domestic agents are available 24/7/365, and our omnichannel solutions allow your customers to interact with us through their preferred channel.

Customizable Pricing

Telecom represents a variety of products and services, at various price points. We provide service model options with your ROI central to the method chosen. 

A business owner can choose to have a team of dedicated agents working solely on their account. These agents are trained to represent your unique values and provide customers with a smooth, consistent experience.

We also offer a shared option with service time billed by the minute, allowing our clients to pay only for the time an agent spends representing their brand.

We focus on providing every customer with a VIP level experience, regardless of their previous order. Our training provides our staff with the requisite skills required to excel in this role.

Other Custom Solutions We Offer

Telecom aims to go above and beyond for our clients.

We create an exceptional experience for them and model that standard when contacting their customers. That’s why we offer advanced technology, such as our omnichannel platform, that allows customers to receive support via their preferred method, including telephone, email, chat, and SMS.

Because we operate as an extension of your team, we strive to handle your business just as you would. During the implementation process, we work to understand every aspect of your needs and establish custom systems for call flows and escalations processes.

Program-specific training helps ensure that each agent handles customer questions and issues according to your individual policies and principles to guarantee a unified experience with every inbound contact.

Unique Industry Experience

We provide customer support across many verticals, and our most extensive experience is in:

No matter what your customer service needs are, Telecom has a committed team of experts and requisites available to design, implement and maintain a support model built to deliver excellent results.

Following Industry Standard Best Practices

We understand that many business owners come to us wanting to learn more about how an outsourced customer support agency can fit into their business model or how they can succeed with our services.

Our dedicated team sets the standard in the contact center industry by adhering to best practices that support our clients and offer them unmatched peace of mind about their outsourced customer service.

Quality Assurance

You need to have confidence that your customers will receive the care and attention they were promised during the sales process.

With Telecom, quality assurance is easier than ever. As expert customer service outsourcers, we thoroughly train our agents and closely monitor their effectiveness to promote maximum productivity and professional representation. 

Our team leaders perform live observations of all contact channels and regularly review recorded material.

We’ll continually measure agents’ success against your pre-defined key performance indicators to make sure all your goals are met. We’ll then share this data with you in the form of a QA report card so you can clearly see how your program is going and make changes to maintain a high level of excellence among agents.

Timely Reporting

We start our custom reporting process by collaborating with the client to set key performance indicators with the aim of tracking both individual agents and the collective team.

Once we’ve established the appropriate KPIs, our clients can opt to receive reports in any format and frequency they prefer, including in real-time. All of our reporting options are integrated with our advanced applications, allowing for increased accuracy and convenient access to historical data.

We know that having the right data on hand is vital to making important business decisions. Accessing this information online helps your team establish a single source of truth that can be used to monitor progress, make necessary adjustments, and keep your organization moving forward.

Simplify Customer Service for Your Business

There’s no way around it: businesses must provide exceptional customer service to retain customers, build a great brand reputation, and grow their bottom line.

Fortunately, meeting your customers’ needs doesn’t have to mean making hefty investments in hiring, retaining, and maintaining personnel or infrastructure.

Contact us today to discover how our outsourced customer service solutions can give your organization access to easy and cost-effective options to help you reach your business goals and take your organization to the next level.

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