Exceptional Outsourced Customer Service & Care

Providing exceptional outsourced customer service is our priority. We know that replacing a lost customer can be expensive, often costing up to five times the cost of retaining one.

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Experienced Representatives

Telecom, Inc.’s representatives are trained to see things from your customer’s point of view. When we engage with your customers, we are committed to servicing their needs to the point of resolution and doing so in a professional, prompt and effective manner. Our ability to replicate our partner’s best practices, policies and brand messaging is central to our project’s success. 

Fundamental to providing excellent customer service support is agents possessing advanced listening skills and delivering appropriate responses, provided with genuine sympathy and empathy. We fully appreciate how well we service your customers impacts your reputation and we make sure to apply the golden rule, treating your customers as we would wish to be treated.

Training of support staff focused on these skills is vital when building an exceptional team.

Our domestic agents are available 24/7/365, and our omnichannel solutions allow your customers to interact with us through their preferred channel. 

Customizable Pricing

Telecom represents a variety of products and services, at various price points. We provide service model options with your ROI central to the method chosen. We focus on providing every customer with a VIP level experience, regardless of their previous order. Our training provides our staff with the requisite skills required to excel in this role.

Unique Industry Experience

We provide customer support across many verticals, and our most extensive experience is in:

No matter what your customer service needs are, Telecom has a committed team of experts and requisites available to design, implement and maintain a support model built to deliver excellent results.

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