Member Services Programs Provide Customer Support

Telecom, Inc. provides custom member support services catered to each brand’s audience and needs. 

Custom Solutions

Exceptional customer service experiences are even more critical to member-focused models, as membership dues and regular purchases are central to profitability, and lapsed subscriptions can quickly lead to lost revenue. Telecom can help design a custom program to assist your customers throughout the entire customer journey.

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Omnichannel Support

Our member support programs are designed to provide effective and efficient service to individuals across all channels – we can communicate with your members in whatever manner they prefer. Member support programs vary in complexity, ranging from basic memberships like rewards programs to more involved programs like medical recertifications. 

Expert Staff

Telecom, Inc. is an expert in member support services including certifications, continuity clubs, membership clubs, reward clubs, subscription boxes and digital media subscriptions. Our domestic support team conforms to your member support policies, operating as an extension of your team, and ensures each member receives the support they seek. When appropriate, our service team can also effectively upsell and cross-sell products or memberships.

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