Member Services Programs Provide Customer Support

Telecom, Inc. provides custom member support services catered to each brand’s audience and needs. 

Many brands know that it’s more expensive to find new members than to take good care of their existing ones. Because memberships are such a crucial part of any revenue plan, too much is at stake to trust your member support services to just anyone. You need to partner with a contact center that has your best interests — and those of your members — in mind.

At Telecom, we know that focusing on providing excellent member services provides a plethora of business benefits. Your members are much more engaged and receptive to your brand messaging when they have opted to join your exclusive club, which makes them more likely to purchase additional items from your brand.

Treating your members well also leads to a much better reputation for your brand. As a result, you can further strengthen your professional relationship with your customers.
This is why we take member support services seriously and strive to offer as much value as possible through our full suite of services.

How Do We Provide Exceptional Member Services?

There are a number of ways we can assist your team in ensuring that your members are always well cared for.

Custom Solutions

Exceptional customer service experiences are even more critical to member-focused models, as membership dues and regular purchases are central to profitability, and lapsed subscriptions can quickly lead to lost revenue. Telecom can help design a custom program to assist your customers throughout the entire customer journey.

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Omnichannel Support

In this day and age, your customers, especially those who are paying for a membership, expect to receive customer service wherever they are. This means that phone-only customer service is a thing of the past. Fortunately, Telecom uses the latest technology to meet member expectations and provide them with service in multiple places, including social media, email, text messaging, and more.

Our member support programs are designed to provide effective and efficient service to individuals across all channels – we can communicate with your members in whatever manner they prefer. Member support programs vary in complexity, ranging from basic memberships like rewards programs to more involved programs like medical recertification. 

We provide such a wide range of contact options because it allows us to accommodate as many customer preferences as possible. From web chat and collaboration to video calling and social messaging, we make it easy for you to provide premium services based on membership tiers. Because we offer custom solutions, we can design a contact option plan that works for you.

Expert Staff

Telecom, Inc. is an expert in member support services including certifications, continuity clubs, membership clubs, reward clubs, subscription boxes and digital media subscriptions. Our domestic support team conforms to your member support policies, operating as an extension of your team, and ensures each member receives the support they seek. When appropriate, our service team can also effectively upsell and cross-sell products or memberships.

Member Win-Back Campaigns

If, for some reason, a former member drops or doesn’t renew their membership, we can initiate a win-back campaign to get them back into your customer base. We combine our agents’ expert outbound sales skills with robust surveys to find out more about why a past customer chose to leave. Then, we spring into action to help correct the issue and get your customer back on board.

If they simply forgot to renew their membership, our agents can take care of the renewal process on the spot. And if they need help understanding the value of your membership services, our sales agents can help them figure out what products and services they need. If a past customer was hoping for a different experience, we work to understand the problem and come up with a viable solution together.

Ultimately, our team is able to combine exemplary customer service, persuasive sales skills, and a genuine desire to help people to win customers back to your brand and increase your revenue in the process.

Ensuring Excellence Through QA Best Practices

At Telecom, we’re no strangers to best practices. Our membership support services solution offers the same quality assurance and reporting features that Telecom is known for.

We do everything from reconnecting with past customers through a win-back campaign to chatting with members through SMS texting. All the while, we are constantly monitoring agents through our contact channels to ensure professionalism, expert sales tactics, and on-brand messaging.

The results of this monitoring will always appear on your QA report card. Thus, you can rest assured that your members are always treated as a top priority.

If you’re ready to take your member support services to the next level, give us a call to find out how you can leverage this and other solutions to ensure every member receives no less than the very best service and support.

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