Cost-Effective Self Service Contact Center Solutions

Telecom’s self-service options reduce costs when human interaction isn’t required.

Self-Service Solutions

Telecom, Inc.’s self-service contact center technologies provide a cost-effective, easy-to-use telephone, and mobile-based customer care solution.

Self-service allows you to offer your customers an automated platform to access and input data without the need for interaction with a customer service representative – using either traditional Interactive Voice Response (IVR) or Conversational IVR, which utilize speech recognition, and Artificial Intelligence (AI), which allows your customers to speak naturally and describe what they need in their own words.

Self-service transactions have high first-call resolution rates and can be handled for a fraction of the cost of a live agent call. If customers decide they want to speak with a live agent, a representative is a simple request away.

Self-Service Contact Center Benefits

Self-service solutions are all about one thing: empowering your customers to get what they need before or after the sale. Our self-service solutions cut down on customer confusion, improve inbound call flow, and reduce the average time in queue — goals that every brand’s customer service team strives for.

Because self-service contact center technology is focused on improving the customer experience, the benefits of implementing this technology speak for themselves:

  • Faster Service Times
  • Automate Routine Activities
  • Faster First Contact Resolution
  • Improve Agent Productivity
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction
  • Better Customer Service
  • Decrease Customer Queue Time
  • Anytime/Anywhere 24/7 Access
  • Simplify Customer Navigation
  • Improve Call Flow

Integrating an IVR solution as a self-service contact center option allows customers to seamlessly and quickly access the information they are looking for. Customers can find the status of a shipment, access updates on an existing order, and request to be transferred directly to a customer service representative.

Why Faster Service Times and Resolutions Matter

Your customers undoubtedly have busy schedules. When they call for customer service, they may be doing so before work, on their lunch break, or during the time they’re supposed to be spending with their families.

They simply do not have the time to wait an hour to get their questions answered. Long wait times hinder their daily agenda and prevent them from moving on to other important tasks.

Respecting a customer’s time goes a long way to providing a satisfying experience. More than 75% of consumers say they expect immediate engagement when contacting a company for a customer service query. When you take care of a customer’s needs in a timely manner, it makes them feel as though your company truly cares about them beyond just what you can sell to them.

At Telecom, we’re in the business of creating success stories by working to maintain a positive brand image for each of our clients. When your customers interact with our self-service system, the results they get are a reflection of your business. We invest in the latest technology to ensure each customer has an experience that makes them want to keep coming back for more.

Self-Service Contact Center Solutions Offer Unmatched Business Benefits

Our self-service options do more than just allow for faster service times and decreased time in the queue. They also bring a plethora of business benefits. More than half of call centers using self-service technology show a significant reduction in phone inquiries.

This is because the self-service system is now handling routine inquiries that would normally bottleneck the system, such as warranty information, product pricing, business location, and return policy questions. This shift boosts both agent productivity and morale.

When agents are not answering repetitive requests, they can spend more time with customers who need more in-depth assistance. In the end, all parties are able to benefit from having focused and enthusiastic agents who stand ready to solve problems and point customers in the right direction.

Customized and Unified Solutions for Your Business Needs

At Telecom, we work with our clients to deliver unified solutions that streamline your businesses and bring increased operational efficiency and a boost to your bottom line. Our contact center was built with the future in mind, and we are always looking to incorporate best-in-class solutions to enhance the customer service experience.

Of course, when employing the latest technologies, our contact center team never loses sight of industry-standard best practices. Even with the implementation of self-service contact center options, we continue to observe and track related key performance indicators to keep an eye out for any potential issues and address them immediately.

Metrics like call volume, first contact resolution, abandon rates, and the number of customers asking to speak to a live agent can be included in the robust reports that go out to customers at the frequency of their choosing. These reports will assist you in conducting quality assurance audits, which involve evaluating your program and making changes where needed.

We have garnered experience in a number of industries over the years, including retail, publishing, membership/continuity, direct response, technology, government, insurance, and hospitality. We know from this experience that no two customers buying from your business are exactly alike, and we strive to treat our clients the same way. Our solutions are unique and tailored to your business requirements.

We work closely with you to develop a customized self-service solution that can be designed as a stand-alone application or bundled with other services to create a seamless, omnichannel customer care experience.

Contact us today to discover how self-service options from Telecom, Inc. can align with your business needs and offer you the flexibility to provide clear, concise information to your customers at a reduced cost, resulting in increased customer satisfaction.

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