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Telecom’s custom outbound solutions maximize contact rates and revenue opportunities.

Outbound Contact Services

Telemarketing is a decades-old strategy, but its popularity and effectiveness are only growing. In fact, companies that don’t use outbound calls experience 42 percent less growth, and nearly half of consumers prefer initial contact via a cold call.

More so than sales-y robo-calls, outbound telemarketing helps businesses connect with potential customers, strengthen relationships with existing customers, and win back those who have slipped out of reach.

When conducted well, outbound telemarketing won’t bother your leads and customers. Instead, it will help them understand your marketing efforts for what they truly are: a form of reaching out to discover how you can best meet their needs. Your customers will be satisfied, and your revenue will soar.

Telecom’s Custom Outbound Solutions Maximize Contact Rates and Revenue Opportunities.

Telecom, Inc.’s suite of outbound telemarketing services runs the gamut of choices, including lead generation, lead qualification, appointment setting, telesales, telemarketing, surveys, and market research. Our depth of experience in managing outbound telemarketing projects for some of our nation’s most notable companies allows us to apply best practices and lessons learned to custom solutions designed to deliver goal-orientated results at a reasonable cost.

What is Outbound Telemarketing?

Outbound telemarketing is a process through which your in-house or outsourced team of sales agents initiates interaction with leads or existing customers. It differs from inbound marketing, in which a customer is the one who makes the initial contact.

Often inaccurately referred to as “cold-calling,” outbound marketing is much more than delivering a marketing message over the phone, especially when you outsource your outbound call center with well-trained, skilled professionals.

At Telecom, our agents internalize your company’s unique approach, seeking to add value to each person we contact. Our outbound telemarketing gets results because we answer questions and provide solutions that work for your customers. Your product or service’s value proposition and benefits will always be front and center.

Who is Outbound Telemarketing For?

Anyone looking to expand their reach can strengthen their sales team with custom outsourced telemarketing solutions. Outbound telemarketing is a proven strategy that increases leads and sales for businesses of all sizes across a wide range of industries, such as:

  • Healthcare
  • Real Estate
  • B2B Sales
  • Education
  • Hospitality
  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • B2C/Retail Sales

Outbound Telemarketing Services

It’s critical to understand that different types of outbound telemarketing services will provide different levels of results for your business.

Therefore, high ethical standards and quality performance are vital when searching for the best outbound telemarketing provider. You must work with a company committed to hiring skilled agents and with an outbound calls strategy that makes your leads and customers feel comfortable when they pick up the phone.

Telecom’s outbound services successfully achieve program goals associated with business-to-consumer and business-to-business focused programs. All Telecom specialists work exclusively in the USA and are seasoned experts, affording us the best opportunity to apply best practices to programs and achieve your program and partnership-based goals.

What Makes Telecom Different? Putting Performance on the Line

The Telecom team has built its reputation in outsourcing outbound telemarketing over the course of three decades. We are confident that we can meet and exceed your company’s strategic goals. Our domestic telemarketing services representatives are skilled communicators who can break down complex ideas in ways that convey value while maintaining efficiency and prioritizing customer relationships.

Telecom employs three different billing methods including a “pay-for-performance” methodology, which is typically enabled after a solid operating history is established. It is tethered to several key performance indicators, including total sales revenue, conversion rate, revenue generated per hour, leads per hour, sales per hour, and contacts per hour. Pairing one of these with expert outbound telemarketing scripts ensures clients avoid wasting resources on marketing that doesn’t work. Telecom delivers specialized call center services that satisfy each client’s needs because we tie part of our compensation to their results, a practice nearly unheard of in our industry.

Telecom offers beta-stage telemarketing outsourcing services for those who need more time to weigh their options, which allows you to test drive what we offer to see the difference it will make for your team, your business, and your bottom line.

Telecom, Inc. is a Top Telemarketer as certified by UpCity

Benefits of Outsourced Telemarketing

Outbound telemarketing services have been around for so long because they are effective. With that said, here’s just a glimpse of how outsourcing telemarketing will enhance  and add value to your existing marketing efforts:

Increase Efficiency

If your company has an expansive vision, your team may need help meeting your sales goals. While you could hire more staff, telemarketing outsourcing can help your existing staff work more efficiently by allowing them to focus on other high-impact tasks.

Your in-house team will become more efficient because they’ll focus on projects that help drive the mission forward, while your outsourced telemarketing team takes care of generating and converting leads and ensuring existing customers have what they need to thrive.

Reduce Costs

Internal telemarketing is expensive, requiring extensive upfront capital investments in technology and hiring that can reduce your ability to allocate funds toward business-building projects that will move you closer to your long-term goals.

You don’t have to make unnecessary investments to get results in sales and marketing. Instead of doing everything in-house, you can simply use outsourced telemarketing operations.

Our solutions don’t require nearly the same level of expenditure, but they deliver even better results, increasing the return on your investment. Telecom provides solutions that grow with your needs, ensuring you only spend what you must to see the business growth you long for.

Increase Performance

At Telecom, our agents are highly-skilled outsourced telemarketing experts. You won’t have to spend time training to extract the best performance from them. Instead, our team will handle quality assurance, management, and reporting.

We’ve been delivering our custom solutions to clients for over 30 years, with many of our current agents having over a decade of experience, meaning they can quickly deliver results. With their help, you’ll get exactly what you’re looking for: increased leads and sales at the best price possible.

Omnichannel Technology

We employ the latest contact center technology, including dialing systems that are compliant with federal and state regulations, which allows us to maximize contacts made and successful outcomes from our efforts. Telecom develops APIs to tie critical systems together, and we can integrate with and use our partner’s CRM systems and sales staff calendars. We effectively serve as your virtual inside sales department and transfer set appointments and critical opportunity details captured through our efforts to your team – quickly and accurately.

Our human and technological expertise combines systems and data, providing our sales experts with prospect insight and affording them the best opportunity to maximize results. Utilizing demographic information, behavioral details, and purchase history, our elevated understanding of prospects allows us to dramatically increase results on your sales-oriented and retention-based programs.

Telecom’s omnichannel technology solutions provide the necessary tools to communicate with your prospects however they prefer, providing telephone, email, chat, SMS, and social channel functions all within one system. Additionally, we add inbound options for prospects to reach our team when dialing on outbound programs, to increase contact rates.

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Outbound marketing doesn’t have to burden your team when you hire great outbound telemarketing services in the US. Whether your business needs to generate additional leads, convert more sales, or compile customer research, working with an outbound call center partner is an excellent way to achieve your strategic goals while increasing your team’s efficiency and flexibility.

Contact us to learn how we can help you increase sales, optimize customer experience, and reduce your service costs.

Receive a Free Consultation & Proposal

Contact us to learn how we can help you increase sales, optimize customer experience, and reduce your service costs.

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