Lead Qualification & Appointment Setting Services

Telecom’s lead qualification services are designed to nurture leads you have generated, helping you maximize the ROI on your campaigns. As your partner, we will promptly and professionally qualify your leads to your specification, taking every step necessary to understand your business, audience and definition of a qualified lead.

Experienced Representatives

Our team is experienced in appointment setting, as your program requires. We set appointments on your staff’s calendars and confirm appointments through email and/or phone to maximize the show rate of your appointment leads.

If your program calls for us to sell products or services once a lead is qualified, we proceed accordingly. Should you prefer that a qualified lead be transferred to a specialist on your team, we can conduct a warm or cold transfer. 

Flexible Solutions

At Telecom, we work with you to determine the best service model to qualify your leads, analyze historical contact arrival data and decide on the number of representatives needed. This remains a fluid component of our program, with staff size evolving as your volume changes. Our customized production reports provide critical data to your team throughout and allow for full transparency.

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