Custom Market Research Survey & Voice of the Customer Survey Expertise

To effectively appeal to customers, you must understand what and how they think. Insight acquired from our custom-tailored market research and survey programs provide valuable feedback on your customers’ thought processes, regardless of the topic or intent with the acquired data. 

Not sure where to start? Common surveys and research efforts measure a customer’s experience with a recent order, their perception of your brand or feelings on a product or service not yet available. Telecom will work with you to create a survey that best meets your needs. 

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Voice of the Customer (VOC) Surveys

Voice of the Customer (VOC) surveys are valuable in obtaining customer insights and allow you to refine your initiatives to elevate customer experience and satisfaction, enabling you to more fully understand your customers, retain existing customers and control negative feedback. 

Our surveys for existing customers allow us to gather feedback, concerns, and opinions that will help you refine your products and services. These surveys help measure critical metrics such as Net Promoter Score (NPS), Customer Satisfaction (CSAT), Customer Effort Score (CES), and Loyalty Index.

Outbound Survey Services

We help identify market opportunities, gauge customer sentiment, and gain insight into competitive advantages or deficiencies, and more. Our outbound survey services can be combined with an inbound element to gather valuable information from customers who don’t answer the phone. We can also email surveys when reaching someone by phone isn’t effective and we provide omnichannel contact options. 

Some companies prefer that surveys consist of open-ended questions, prompting customers to share feedback without limitations. Others prefer  close-ended questions, providing only those options they wish to have categorized for their marketing team to analyze. Whatever your preference, we create surveys that are designed to achieve your program goals. 

Conducting surveys is a cost-effective way to interact directly with customers and prospects, and an effective way to stay engaged with your audience without putting pressure on them to make a purchase. 

Telecom offers nearly three decades of experience conducting successful market research surveys in numerous verticals, all delivered by highly skilled specialists calling exclusively within the USA. Contact us to learn more about how we can interact with your customers and prospects to secure valued data for your company.

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