Midsize Boutique Call Center Provider

While Telecom, Inc. has evolved into a mid-size call center provider, we maintain the characteristics of a boutique agency. 

The contact center spectrum spans from mom-and-pop answering services to massive, publicly-traded companies. Telecom is considered a mid-size specialist, offering sufficient capacity to service programs requiring up to 100 agents yet small enough to provide the personal attention our clients and programs deserve.

Hands-On Approach

Unlike a large BPO, Telecom doesn’t require prohibitive minimums. Our unique approach also allows us to establish partnerships with companies in their infancy stage, becoming part of their teams from the very beginning and helping them grow. Our experience in this area allows us to guide a new company or brand through the growth process, strategically adding new service elements as a program matures over time. Many of our clients have stated how important our role was for them, serving not just as their call center partner but as a dependable consultant without the added expense of hiring one. 

Advanced Technology

When it comes to technological advances, our size works in our favor. Smaller companies often can’t afford to make the needed investments to stay current with emerging technologies. Large companies are slower to react to small advancements, due to license/user restrictions and capital investment’s long approval processes. Telecom has the resources needed to stay current, a reasonable number of licenses and users to upgrade, and are often a step ahead of the competition as a result.

Operating as a mid-size contact center provider, we don’t service hundreds of brands, so we are able to focus on customizing our approach and program strategies for our clients. Our owner and CEO, Jon Martin, is actively involved in all of our partnerships, taking ultimate ownership of the company’s commitment to excellence. 

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