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Telecom, Inc. has decades of experience in membership support, generating new members and serving existing members for companies who regularly distribute products or content to their customers.

Business models such as subscription boxes and those that offer recurring delivery of products or content require exceptional customer care for their members. Companies operating in this vertical base their success on realizing the average lifetime value they associate with each customer.

Due to the frequency (often weekly or monthly) of product distribution there are more chances for issues to occur, prompting customer care requests. Because problems are difficult to foresee (think damaged packages, product imperfections, shipping delays and logistical issues), a support center must be prepared to scale up quickly and mitigate the damage as it appears.

Telecom provides the capacity, experience, technology and processes required to effectively serve your membership or continuity project. We recruit experienced, professional and educated staff from various cities within the United States and are able to easily add agents to your project in short notice. Our contact center technology is easy to deploy across many new team members and allows us to immediately activate an IVR solution sitting in front of live agents, helping to promptly receive member’s calls when extreme spikes occur.

Training on these types of projects is focused on member retention and problem resolution. Beyond general best practice training that all our representatives receive, additional training on these programs is administered by our seasoned staff in collaboration with those of our partners, allowing us to mirror our clients’ best practices while introducing additional recommendations based on our extensive experience. .

Resolution strategy is custom-tailored to each program and customer concern. Many of our membership programs have expanded resolution options associated with them, providing more ways to keep members engaged.

Telecom provides detailed production reports that are custom-tailored to each program, providing partners with the opportunity to conduct root-cause analysis as issues surface.

Telecom also helps brands looking to add members to their customer base. We have nearly 30 years of experience making outbound calls to both businesses and customers with the goal of generating revenue. All of our campaigns are custom developed to deliver your value proposition in the most favorable light. And our dialing technology is always compliant with the most current federal and state regulations. Telecom is so confident in our ability to secure new members that we offer a performance-based billing option as one of our service models.

Another service often employed by companies in this vertical is market research and surveys. Calling members to gather their opinions on package contents and the quality of products being included in recent packages proves valuable when planning future packages. Contacting customers to acquire their feedback through surveys also provides an opportunity to up-sell members into a higher tier package, where applicable.

Additionally, Telecom’s senior executives are experienced at managing partnerships with these requirements and enjoy the diversity and unpredictable nature of programs often found in this vertical.

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