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Customers requiring assistance while shopping often contact customer service for help. Telecom, Inc. provides expert pre-sale and post-sale eCommerce support, 24/7/365 across all channels. Our brand-specific solutions are custom designed to address your customers’ needs at first contact while maintaining your brand messaging and business policies.

Telecom’s solutions are custom-tailored to positively impact your customer’s experience with your brand. All facets of our delivery models can be modified, and we are happy to provide executive-level insight into best practices evolved since 1993. Business in the e-commerce and retail sectors is rarely static. Telecom offers the resources needed to effectively pivot as your business changes, applying experienced staff and advanced technology to seamlessly implement modifications to your program.

Telecom’s training is unique to your program and customers, resulting in customer experiences that create brand loyalty, build credibility and drive sales. We offer models to assist with every step in the customer journey. Best practices are applied when training our staff, and are tailored to your program.

Today’s shopper expects support to be available through multiple channels, not just via phone. Telecom’s omnichannel technology allows our staff to serve your customers however they prefer to communicate, including phone, email, chat, social channels and digital solutions.

We integrate with our client’s OMS and ecommerce platforms to provide timely and seamless service to your customers. Results are tracked for every interaction and measured against critical metrics such as first call resolution, order conversion rates, order size, handle time and customer satisfaction.

eCommerce and retail brands often have extreme incremental volume during seasonal peaks, and many employ a BPO contact center to assist them during these times. Telecom excels in this role and is large enough to add capacity to your program expeditiously, yet small enough to ensure that our executive team is ready to assist whenever you call on us.

All Telecom representatives provide support from within the USA and provide service from workstations that are PCI DSS compliant. Our advanced up-selling and cross-selling techniques are expertly applied to programs in this vertical, drawing from the teachings of industry leaders and our decades of experience.

Commonly found programs in eCommerce include: Order Processing, Customer Service, and Product Recall Notifications.

eCommerce products sold and supported include consumer packaged goods (food and beverage, clothes, tobacco, makeup, household products, toys, and other consumables), manufactured goods, sporting goods, nutraceutical products and electronics.

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