Professional Direct Response Support

Telecom, Inc. has extensive experience supporting brands who advertise through channels prompting a direct response. Customer response to advertising is difficult to forecast, but no matter the volume swings or size of your project, our extensive experience with direct response support programs will help give you the maximum satisfaction and value for your program.

Experienced Domestic Staff

When you outsource with Telecom, you partner with a team committed to quality and performance. Our sales and support staff are experts who provide 24/7 coverage exclusively from within the USA. We understand the importance of effective brand representation and our staff is prepared to maximize order conversion rates and average order size, prompted by the extensive training we provide to our team.

Maximize ROI

In the direct response marketing world, testing is key to determine the proper approach to maximize ROI. Some of the test elements include different advertising channels, product packages, price points, time of day advertising, databases to market to, calls to action, and more. Based on all of these variables, the results must be measurable and trackable. Telecom, Inc. will provide reports custom-designed to give you all the precise data you require.

Telecom helps address the uncertainty of response activity and volume by offering different service models designed to maximize responsiveness and ROI, and we have the flexibility needed to quickly ramp staff up or down, as your volume needs change.

Omnichannel Support

We offer our partners access to the latest omnichannel support options, including voice, email, chat, and social media, allowing your customers to reach you using their preferred contact method. We also offer self-service options, including AI Bots and access to FAQs and knowledgebase articles from your website, and we can integrate it all with your CRM of choice, giving you complete visibility into each customer touchpoint.

Our commitment to excellence, ongoing adoption of best-in-class technology, custom solutions, and a transparent, collaborative, and partnership-based approach drives efficiency, business continuity and maximizes ROI. Our in-depth experience working with brands employing direct response marketing strategy has provided a wealth of insight into the industry, allowing us to develop forward-thinking best practices in outsourced call center services.

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