Quality Reservation & Ticket Sales Support Services

Reservation services and ticket sales support are vital for many businesses, including restaurants, hotels, and family entertainment brands. Telecom, Inc. can provide support for events both large and small and can assist in reservations for webinars, trade shows, and other special engagements. Providing timely and accurate support to individuals seeking assistance results in their spending money with you and not somewhere else, particularly for businesses with a lot of competition.

Real-Time Support

We can support your customer’s requests in real time, no matter how they wish to communicate – by phone, text, chat or email. When a reservation is made or a ticket sold, we’ll send a confirmation to your customer per your specifications. 

Advanced Sales Techniques

A common request from clients is to incorporate upsell or cross-sell offers as part of the customer experience. Our team possesses advanced sales skills that can maximize the value of reservations or event ticket purchases – it’s common for us to double an order value with upselling and cross-sell sales.

Specialized sensitivity training focused on assisting individuals who might not hear or read particularly well is an important ingredient to aid these valued customers. Additionally, because Telecom’s staff is located in the United States, you don’t need to worry about language barriers when servicing your valued customers.

Telecom has the right combination of experienced staff, specialized training, systems, and capacity to ensure success for your reservation support and ticket sales programs.

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