Our Contact Center Capabilities Offer Unique Flexibility

A successful contact center is capable of pivoting as a client’s program changes, and our flexible service models are designed with this in mind.

Our partner’s programs are fluid, often changing with short notice. Whether you need more (or fewer) people on your program, the addition of a support channel, a change to a process or protocol, modification of call flow steps, or revisions to reports, we are prepared to assist you. And we make your requested changes quickly!

Managing Change Requests

We have an established protocol in place to address change requests. Upon receiving a modification request, your Account Manager will meet with the appropriate department managers, which can include IT, training, operations, quality assurance, and/or human resources, to implement the change. We will beta test all program changes before introducing them to our agents. Our state-of-the-art technology allows us to efficiently facilitate the technical components of change requests, and we have access to resident experts if a unique request requires a more advanced technological component. 

Quickly Add Staff

Often, our partners’ change requests are rooted in the need for more staff members on their programs, specifically the agents servicing customers. In anticipation of additional resource requests, we maintain a repository of vetted individuals to who we can extend a job offer quickly. One of the many advantages of working with a mid-size contact center like Telecom is the ability to seamlessly move agents from one program to another.  

Our collective team is accustomed to change; it is a given in our business. Depending on the depth of your change requested, our contact center capabilities include implementing a solution reflecting the change as soon as the same day of the request.

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