Outbound Lead Generation Services for Qualified Leads

Generating leads is a fundamental need for all businesses and is typically the first step in the sales process. Many companies outsource this function because their staff doesn’t enjoy (or isn’t good at) cold calling, they require additional resources or they prefer their employees to focus on closing versus generating leads. That’s where Telecom’s outbound lead generation services can help you.

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Lead Generation Processes

Telecom, Inc. generates leads in a variety of job functions and business types. Our training curriculum and processes are backed by three decades of lead generation experience. We effectively serve as extensions of our client’s team by jump-starting your sales initiatives, profiling targeted businesses or customers, and gathering critical sales intelligence directly from decision-makers. 

By partnering with us, your internal closers can concentrate on completing deals, while we determine who decision-makers are and what their buying process is, identify needs and quantify potential revenue. 

Telecom, Inc. is a Top Lead Gen Provider as certified by UpCity

Custom-Tailored Success

Central to the success of any lead generation program, is having the right people making the calls and managing the process. That’s why we offer highly skilled representatives, all calling from within the USA, who are experts at adopting brand messaging, value propositions and processes. Our agents can supplement your internal team or own the entire lead generation process. We work closely with you to customize a telemarketing program built to achieve your goals. Any component can be tailored to your needs, and our transparent approach allows you direct access to your entire Telecom team. Through your Account Manager and production reports, you will always know how our team is performing.

Our lead generation efforts incorporate digital components like email and messaging. We can also provide fulfillment services. Once a lead is generated, we enter data into your CRM system or capture details locally. If your sales process requires a presentation to qualified leads, we will set an appointment on your behalf.

Telecom can call on lists you have sourced/scrubbed or connect you with providers that specialize in list services. We also help ensure your telemarketing program is TCPA compliant. We bill for our services by the hour and also offer vetted performance-based pricing (per lead or appointment).

For more information on our outbound lead generation services, please contact Jeff Velodota, Director of Sales and Marketing.

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