Help Desk & Technical Support Services

Telecom, Inc. provides advanced technical support and help desk services to help businesses properly service their customers. Our technical support services range from simple solutions, such as username and password resets, to more complex ones, where the specialized skills and extensive training of staff allows us to meet your customers’ needs. Luckily, our San Francisco Bay Area location gives us access to individuals educated in technical curriculums that are more advanced than other parts of the country.

Quality Customer Care

Our focus is always on providing full resolution to your customer’s needs and ensuring high quality and professional experiences. We appreciate the lifetime value each of your customers represents and how their experience with us affects their perception of your company and brand.

Omnichannel Capabilities

Telecom’s omnichannel platform allows us to service your customers however they wish – by telephone, email, chat or SMS. We are proud to be a U.S.-based company; 100% of our staff is located in the United States. Our domestic status means that your customers will never encounter the frustration of language barriers or culture-based disconnects. Additionally, our custom reporting capabilities allow detailed access on how your Telecom team is doing at all times. 

At Telecom, we promise a partnership-based, collaborative, transparent approach, focused on providing complete contact resolution for your customers.

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