Custom Solutions for Your Call Center Needs

Every partner we represent is unique in some way, and our customized call center services solutions are created uniquely for each client.  

At Telecom, Inc. we assume the vital role of operating as an extension of your team. Undoubtedly your team has a preferred way of servicing your customers and has established best practices associated with doing so. We respect your specifications and are prepared to make modifications to our process to ensure the success of your program. Many of our partners work with us in a co-sourced setting, meaning they have an internal team providing the same services we do simultaneously. Typically these partners want us to service customers in the same manner they do. To accomplish this, we adopt your proven process in how to best service your unique customers when building your custom Telecom program.


Determining Program Specifications

During the implementation process, we work closely with clients to make sure we understand every detail of your program. During this process, we establish the blueprint of the custom program build, including the specification of needs in the following areas:

Training – How long will the program training be? Will it be administered in person or virtually? Who will conduct the training?

Staffing – How many representatives are needed at what times? What is the profile of the representatives you would like on your program?

Reporting – What data should your reports include? What format would you like your reports in? Who will receive these reports and how frequently? How would you like to access the reports?

Billing Considerations – Where should invoices be sent? Are there any special billing considerations, such as PO numbers?

Service Model – Do you desire dedicated staff, shared staff, or a combination? What contact channels will be employed? What are the hours of operation?

Systems to be Employed – Will we need to access platforms, such as CRM, OMS, and Calendars?

Call Flow – What will the dialogue plan consist of? What data should be captured during customer interactions? What escalation policies are there? What brand messaging components will be applied? 

Escalation Process – If there is a need to escalate a situation, who will we escalate to and during what days/hours, and what business rules surround the process?

Quality Control – What quality assurance aspects will we measure success against? Do you have a preferred QA report card we should use? When would you like to do calibration sessions? 

We have custom-developed solutions for every client and are happy to customize your Telecom call center services to provide the maximum ROI you realize while working with us.

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