Telecom's Contact Center Metrics for Successful Results

At the end of the day, our partners pay us for results. Our clients task us with various responsibilities, but central to all of what we do is whether or not we achieve the operational goals assigned to us. Results are measured against many variables and contact center metrics, including production goals, ability to staff properly, quality of customer interactions, responsiveness to changes in client needs, legal considerations, servicing of the account, and more. 

All of us at Telecom, Inc., from our CEO to each representative, is engaged in a culture where excellence is the goal in everything we do. The ownership of tasks and the degree of engagement in striving to reach such lofty heights are key ingredients to our success.

Inbound Contact Center Metrics & KPIs

There are many contact center metrics used to measure results. The most common metrics/KPIs found on an inbound program include:

  • Average Speed of Answer (ASA)
  • Average Talk Time (ATT)
  • After Call Work (ACW)
  • Average Handle Time (AHT)
  • First Call Resolution
  • Conversion Rate (sales/contacts)
  • Average Order Size
  • Customer Retention Rate/Member Save Rate
  • Calls Per Hour
  • Chats Per Hour
  • Chat Response Time
  • Emails Per Hour
  • Email Response Time
  • Up/Cross-Sell Ratio
  • Up/Cross-Sell Value
  • Customer Satisfaction Score (for post-call surveys)

Outbound Contact Center Metrics & KPIs

The most common metrics/KPIs found on an outbound program include: 

  • Contacts Per Hour
  • Sales Per Hour
  • Appointments Per Hour
  • Leads Per Hour
  • Conversion Rate
  • Revenue Generated Per Hour
  • Total Sales Revenue

Telecom, Inc. is one of the few remaining contact centers willing to “put skin in the game” by introducing a “pay for performance” component to our billing methodology. In this setting, a portion of the money we earn is tied to our results. Measurable variables include production results, quality scores, and the ability to handle and make a certain number of calls/emails/chats in a time increment. Our customized plans include details that are mutually beneficial and fair.

Many of our brand partners have internal staff tasked with the same job as us. The ability to compare and contrast results and service experience against different delivery teams has enabled many of our partners to clearly recognize Telecom’s program success, and several of our longest-standing partnerships have resulted from such comparisons. Our domestic specialists and tenured management staff are key components to our successful formula.

Telecom is confident in our ability to generate results that meet or exceed expectations. Our proven track record of building successful partnerships spans nearly 30 years. We welcome you to speak to our clients and are happy to service you in a beta or test stage, without a long-term commitment. For more information or to request a quote on your project, please contact Jeff Velodota, Director of Sales and Marketing.

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