Our Contact Center Quality Assurance Process

Our contact center quality assurance process is designed to monitor the effectiveness of our team in representing our partner’s brands professionally and productively, regardless of the nature of the interaction or communication channel.

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Analysis & Review

Team leaders observe calls, chats, and emails in a live setting. Our quality analysts review recordings of calls and digital interactions after the fact. Unless a different sample size is requested by a partner, we typically review a minimum of five percent of interactions. This starting point helps us determine if there is an insufficient sample size or shortcoming we need to address through remedial training.

The review process contains both audible and visual elements. We measure success against key criteria defined at the onset of the project, as well as through the evolution of the program. The audible reviews are focused on overall professionalism, verbiage, use of proper English, brand messaging statements, adherence to the dialogue plan, and use of calls to action. We observe the navigation of systems, accuracy of the data entry and overall efficiency in managing the interactions. We measure success across all channels employed to service your customers – phone, email, chat, or social media sources. 

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Contact Center Quality Assurance Results

The results of our efforts are reflected on “QA Report Cards” – the content is co-defined at the outset of the program and we share our results with our partners on a regular basis. Many companies that maintain an internal support team in addition to Telecom’s staff, will have both teams graded consistently by employing the same QA Report Card in both places.

The quality assurance evaluation process is a fluid area, changing as the nature of the program evolves and incorporates client feedback. Weekly calibration sessions are designed to independently grade interactions, allowing for remediation when different results are found.

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