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Telecom, Inc. was initially founded to provide telesales and telemarketing solutions for print media brands. For three decades, we’ve expanded our reach, applying our learned skills to a variety of successful sales-based programs, targeting buyers of products and services across numerous verticals. 

With our focus on developing profitable, scalable and sustainable B2B and B2C programs for our partners, we offer the personnel, experience, technology and processes required to generate a strong ROI. We custom design your telemarketing program, drawing from our deep bed of experience and passionately present your value proposition to customers. 

Expert Sales Team

Central to the success of any telemarketing program is having the right people on your team. Our recruiting efforts are focused on finding TSRs (telephone sales representatives) who are experienced, educated, and professional. We call exclusively from the USA and are experts at presenting your value proposition and benefits.

Telecom’s focus on comprehensive training allows each TSR to communicate complex ideas and capture the detailed information necessary for a successful program. We provide reference tools and apply technological features to allow for efficient communication with your prospects. We call exclusively from within the USA and are experts at presenting your value proposition and benefits. Our technology also allows us to share screens with prospective buyers when a visual element will help to illustrate a feature. 

Transparent Partnership

Our transparent approach to partnership means you never have to wonder how your Telecom team is performing. Your Account Manager will provide daily reports and real-time feedback on your telemarketing program. In addition, we offer pay-for-performance billing on vetted programs, due to our confidence in our efforts, or bill by the hour.

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