Advanced Contact Center Training Approach

Having the right people, technology, and processes in place are all vital pieces of a successful service solution. While this is true, staff must be properly trained to be successful in your program. Telecom has established a layered contact center training approach that prepares our team for success on your program. We break down our training process into four sections.

contact center training


During this time, we focus on general company policies and setting the standard for excellence. We provide an overview of general industry topics such as governing regulations, client confidentiality requirements and compliance standards. Protocols are established, including who answers to whom and where to seek assistance when needed. We set expectations that we will be judged by certain KPIs at the enterprise and individual levels. There is also a focus on explaining the partnership experience we provide to clients and the brand representation we must maintain while working on their behalf. 

Customer Care Skills

This portion of training is focused on communication etiquette, professionalism, conflict resolution, and time management skills. 

Sales Technique

Our sales technique training focuses on effective closing techniques, identifying and overcoming objections, maximizing listening skills, and perfecting closing techniques. There is an emphasis on upselling and cross-selling techniques, as well.

Project-Specific Contact Center Training

Project-specific training provides our staff with the details on, requirements of, and goals specific to, your program. This includes content found within the dialogue plan, FAQs, use of CRMs, OMSs, website navigation, email composition and distribution, and more.

Our agents are tested to measure absorption of training content. We conduct mock calls presenting various scenarios and ask questions to test our representative’s ability to provide service at an exceptional level. Once a representative demonstrates their complete knowledge of the training content to our standards, they are allowed to represent our partner’s brand.

In addition to the initial training courses, each employee participates in ongoing proficiency training, designed to reinforce and update techniques to ensure maximum ROI for your investment.

Our focus on comprehensive contact center training allows each representative to communicate complex ideas and capture the detailed information necessary for a successful program – clearly and effectively. We provide every tool possible to prepare our staff for success. Our approach has been time-tested, resulting in successful programs and a workforce that feels appreciated, contributing to greater employee retention and job satisfaction.

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