Enterprise Experience and Best Practices

There’s no substitute for enterprise contact center experience. The in-depth experience of Telecom, Inc. impacts many facets of a program. Successful adaptation of best practices based on experience will undoubtedly contribute to better results.

Experience can be evaluated on three levels: corporate status or how long the company has been in business, depth of experience within management and experience of the representatives who interact directly with customers.

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Levels of Enterprise Contact Center Experience 


At the corporate level, Telecom, Inc. has been in business since 1993. This is a strong component of our value proposition.

Telecom offers an average of more than 10 years of experience per manager. At the executive level, we offer over 100 years of combined experience. 

Agent Representatives

Many call centers hire agents without any previous experience. At Telecom,  we maintain a higher standard of excellence by hiring agents who are not only experienced but also educated and professional. Our representatives have four years of experience on average and many boast over ten years of experience.  

Contact Center Best Practices and Added Value

Best practices are an important qualifying feature that is often overlooked. Contact centers are tasked with understanding and employing best practices on their client’s programs. Having a strong understanding of a company’s best practices translates to consistency in how customers are serviced.

An experienced contact center understands that the clients they service also represent a valuable resource for identified best practices. When you partner with Telecom, Inc., you gain a partner with the experience necessary to meet or exceed your program goals. 

As part of our client service approach and commitment to add value to our programs, we analyze all new practices that have proven productive. This analysis helps us find new ways to increase production, a process we thrive on an excel at. 

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