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Telecom assists publishers in different ways, always contributing to the revenue realized by each title. Publishing support Telecom provides generally falls into three categories: sales, customer service and surveys.

Sales efforts are focused on generating new subscribers in addition to the renewal of existing subscriptions. We help our partners reach new readers, employing a multi-channel approach to our outreach efforts. New subscribers are generated through a combination of cold calling, emailing and conventional direct mail, with all efforts conducted in compliance with federal, state and local laws. We contact businesses and residences, adapting to the needs of each publisher.

Since there is a finite number of prospective readers of niche-focused content found in magazines and newspapers, publishers often seek to re-engage with previous subscribers. Telecom is very successful when employed on “win-back” sales campaigns – those designed to re-engage with those who allowed their subscriptions to lapse. Our seasoned staff expertly accentuates the value proposition of each title being offered. Our agents conduct a root cause analysis to understand why subscribers haven’t renewed subscriptions and present compelling reasons to earn their ongoing business.

When it comes to customer service, few companies can match Telecom’s experience and effectiveness in serving readers. Telecom’s evolved training curriculum consists of best practices and retention focused content, and our USA- based experienced staff is expertly trained to resolve subscriber’s concerns, answer questions and maintain active subscriber status. Telecom’s agents always go “the extra mile” to express appreciation of their business while addressing customer concerns. We provide a VIP-level of support and make every customer feel important, a contributing factor to our successful retention rate. Our “subscribers saved” metric is reflected in our daily production reports and is a major reason why so many publishers choose to place their faith in Telecom to serve their valued subscribers.

Telecom also has extensive experience conducting publishing market research and surveys. Customer satisfaction surveys and reader insight studies are used to gauge how well content is being received and are common in the publishing industry. Telecom conducts surveys via phone and email, acquiring valuable feedback from subscribers. This first-hand insight is critical in helping publishers deliver content geared towards their reader’s interests and maintaining circulation numbers consistent with promises made to advertisers.

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