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Telecom, Inc. offers extensive professional services outsourcing experience, serving companies such as home repair contractors, doctors, lawyers, accountants, landscapers, financial advisors, veterinarians, consultants, and ad agencies – all are found in this vertical.

We provide a robust suite of services to professional service organizations, including lead generation, lead qualification, appointment setting, market research studies, customer service, sales, and order processing

For companies who wish to outsource agents to complement their own sales staff, our business development experts are specifically profiled and expertly trained to excel in this role.

Telecom’s solutions are custom designed with a main goal in mind – maximizing the number of qualified decision-makers sales staff can present to. Most companies require an in-person consultation to accurately quote an opportunity. Experience shows that allowing specialists to focus on closing deals while we focus on generating and qualifying opportunities is the ideal approach and a winning combination.

Telecom’s training and operations teams work closely with you to understand your value proposition, identify decision-makers and gather information needed to determine a qualified lead. When a qualified decision-maker fits the ideal profile you define, we can set appointments for your team, reflect our findings in your CRM, update calendars and confirm appointments via email.

Telecom employs advanced contact center technology, allowing us to interact with your prospects through our omnichannel approach, inclusive of voice, email, chat, social media and SMS.

When qualifying leads, driven by your marketing efforts, Telecom employs a proprietary application that is fully integrated with our TCPA compliant dialer. We are able to receive inquiries in real-time and respond to them immediately, significantly decreasing average response time and increasing contact and conversion rates. This approach provides a superior “Speed to Lead” result for digital and web-based submissions.

Telecom systems allow for APIs, integration with CRMs and scheduling applications. We can also integrate with third-party software offering financial data (such as home value, homeowner income/net worth), or demographic or psychographic data to make outreach efforts even more productive.

Telecom provides a full suite of inbound support services to businesses in the professional services sector. We provide post-sale customer service and installation support. We qualify leads and opportunities. We help schedule (and reschedule) appointments. We help transfer individuals to proper parties when they seek in-person support. We expand live support hours for companies and more.

Our staff is expertly trained and operates exclusively in the USA. We offer professional, educated, and experienced representatives, specifically profiled to fit your program requirements. Telecom offers different service models, billing options based on your program’s needs and provides support to companies selling to businesses and consumers.

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