Multi-Channel Win-Back Campaign Experience

Contacting previous customers to “win back” their business is a great way to acquire incremental revenue for your brand. A win-back campaign also provides valuable insight into why past customers are not current customers. Sometimes a customer hasn’t purchased in a while because they simply haven’t had a need. In other cases, a customer is dormant because they had a bad experience with your product or service, a specific order, or an employee.

Incorporate Sales Strategies

Telecom, Inc. applies our sales strategies to your win-back campaign, constructing a custom program to sell your products, services, memberships, and subscriptions. In the process, we collaborate with you to understand what information we can acquire from your customers when interacting, allowing us to gather valuable data for your team. The most effective strategy is one that draws from two core services of Telecom – sales and surveys.

Reconnect with Clients

Win-back campaigns are typically very successful due to the familiarity that already exists with your brand, products or services. Simply reconnecting with someone who hasn’t ordered recently is often all it takes to spark their interest in ordering again. Many brands also offer discounts when reconnecting, providing further incentive for a reorder.

Our win-back campaigns include multiple contact channels, with telephone and email being most prevalent. We assign dedicated experts to your program, all located within the United States. Telecom’s Management staff oversees our efforts, applying knowledge obtained through the service of partners for nearly three decades. 

We bill for our efforts by the hour and, for vetted programs, will even bill by the completed sale.

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