Our Advanced Lead Qualification Process Nurtures Customers

Telecom, Inc.’s lead qualification process is designed to qualify and nurture client-generated leads. Studies show that over 50% of leads provided to sales teams are not followed up within a timely manner, if at all. We qualify decision-makers of all levels, including owners and C-level executives. Partner with us to ensure that your leads are qualified promptly and professionally, providing the best opportunity for realized revenue. 

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Designing Your Custom Program

Our operations team works closely with our partners to understand their businesses, audiences, and definitions of a qualified lead, then design a program to capture key buying indicators customized to partner specifications. We determine who decision-makers are and what the need is, quantify potential revenue, and uncover what the decision-making process will entail. We help define the training curriculum, inclusive of your content and any we develop, and our managers fully prepare their staff to properly qualify your leads and speak as experts.

Sales & Appointment Setting

Information we gather is entered into your, or our, CRM solution. When the next step in the sales process is delivered by an appointment, we can set appointments right within your team’s calendar. When business rules determine who receives a qualified lead, such as geography or product specialty, we route leads to your appropriate staff. When your program calls for a sales pitch to a qualified lead, we proceed accordingly. Should you prefer that a qualified lead be transferred to a specialist on your team, we can conduct a warm or cold transfer. 

Telecom’s lead qualification process can also incorporate digital components, resulting in a multi-touch approach. We can also send emails, SMS messages and voicemail messages that prompt prospects to call back, and we can distribute marketing collateral, as needed. 

Your Account Manager will provide customizable daily reports and feedback on our efforts. Telecom’s executive team will also be engaged throughout our partnership to ensure the best possible ROI on your investment.

Our lead qualification programs are designed to provide qualified leads and secure critical market intelligence. Not every inquiry will result in a qualified lead, but every dialogue represents an opportunity to secure valuable market intelligence.

Telecom offers nearly three decades of experience qualifying leads for businesses in numerous verticals, all delivered by highly skilled specialists calling exclusively within the USA.

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