Success Stories: Virtual Sales and Customer Services

Our Client

A leading and independent finance company that reduces the barriers to business capital.

Telecom’s Services

Inbound live voice and email lead generation/qualification services combined with outbound follow-up efforts. Provided customer service, application support, and account activation services.

The Challenge

To develop a successful virtual strategy to complement the efforts of the client’s internal salesforce.

Our Approach

  • Collaborated with stakeholders to design a solution providing qualification of applicants and assistance with the customer onboarding process.
  • Launched a turnkey program and contact process containing inbound and outbound live agents, email, and warm transfers.
  • Worked with client’s programming team to design a secure, web-based online portal for application submission and linked it with credit bureaus via API.
  • Designate and train sufficient staff to provide timely support to prospects with unpredictable arrival patterns due to the nature of marketing channels being employed, namely direct mail, and web-based advertising.
  • Consulted with the client on the development of regulatory compliant scripting.
  • Trained sales staff extensively on how to effectively convey the client’s unique value proposition and move prospects forward in the sales funnel.
  • C-level Executive oversight.


  • Exceeded the leads per hour goal on the program.
  • Assisted the client from their startup stage throughout their years of continued growth, inclusive of sales tied to our staff’s efforts, ultimately leading to the client being acquired by one of their largest funding partners.

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