Experienced Call Center Managers & Supervisors

Call center managers at Telecom, Inc. have the experience, knowledge, and training to maximize results from the efforts of the CSRs/TSRs they oversee. They are tasked with the responsibility of driving excellent results, focused on exceeding client expectations in production and quality.

Internal Development

The majority of our supervisors have been developed from within, most having started on the phones as agents themselves, and we have a specific training curriculum for aspiring supervisors, refined over decades.

Our collective supervisory efforts are administered by a combination of stakeholders. Our supervisory staff includes team leaders, shift supervisors, trainers, an operations director, and QA analysts, all working collectively. Supervisors are tasked with overseeing the daily efforts of their staff. This includes production, training, workforce management, such as staffing and scheduling, and quality and compliance oversight. Telecom, Inc. provides our staff with all the required tools to be successful, including training, human capital, budget, technology, ongoing education, and professional development. 

There is also direct input provided by the executive team and the client services team. Our management staff are experienced, educated, and mature and offers over ten years of experience, on average. We also look to industry-leading organizations such as PACE, ICMI, IQPC, Dale Carnegie, Sandler Training, and others to provide resources to aid us in the training and development of our management staff and keep us current on best practices.

Consistent Support

Call center managers at Telecom, Inc. also act as assistant account managers, accustomed to interaction with our partners. Our account managers maintain the day-to-day responsibility of serving our partners. Our supervisors are also available for discussions at any time and regularly participate in calibration calls, QBRs and meetings focused on advancing our partnership and program results.

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