Custom Call Center Pricing Models

Telecom, Inc. provides our partners with different service and call center pricing models driven by factors like program requirements or scope-of-service needs, volume, contact arrival patterns (inbound programs), and knowledge required for an agent to be considered an expert, as delivered by the depth of training.

We provide three options and can consult with you on which model makes the most sense, driven by the factors noted above plus financial impacts and results, and we can always move to a different model if the scope of your project should change. 

Telecom Call Center Pricing Models

The billing method associated with the different approaches varies, with our call center pricing models as follows:

Dedicated Agents – This model offers the most cost-effective option (assuming sufficient occupancy rates based on volume and contact arrival patterns) and provides the highest level of service, as Telecom agents service your customers exclusively. This model also makes sense when training time exceeds five days, due to the depth of knowledge required on the program. Service time is billed by the hour in this model. 

Semi-Dedicated (Shared) Agents – In this model, you only pay for the time when a Telecom agent is representing you; you are not billed for idle time. This model is typically employed when call volume is insufficient to warrant dedicated staff for an extended period. Our agents service your customers in addition to a handful of other partners. Service time is billed by the minute. This model is more cost effective than a dedicated model when agent occupancy rates fall below 55%.

Hybrid Solution – This model consists of both dedicated and semi-dedicated elements. This model proves to be the most cost-effective when there is a portion of the day where call volume is heavy and predictable (serviced by dedicated members) but the rest of the day is unpredictable or lighter in volume (serviced by shared members). We determine the combination of these groups based on contact arrival volume broken down by hour and service level requirements. Your time is billed both by the hour (the dedicated piece) and the minute (the shared component).

Many BPOs only offer dedicated or shared solutions. We feel the most cost-effective model should be available for your benefit, and we have built our varied call center service models accordingly. 

Performance-Based Billing

Telecom, Inc. is also unique in that we offer performance-based billing, an element that many contact centers are unwilling to offer. This is often referred to as “pay for performance.” Introducing a performance-based financial element to a program shifts the risk of underperforming from our clients to us. We establish metrics as baselines for billing and measure performance against them, after a materially valid sample size of service time.

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