Experienced Appointment Setting Services Across Channels

At Telecom, Inc. our experts set appointments with the right people at the right time, contributing to the likelihood of a successful outcome. Our agents are trained to understand your specific appointment-setting goals and ensure appointments are set according to geographical guidelines, business specialties, time constraints and any other requested specifications.

Central to the success of any appointment-setting program is an exceptional team. That’s why we recruit highly skilled representatives who are experienced, well educated, and professional, all overseen by our seasoned and expert management team

Custom-Tailored Programs

Appointment setting programs often focus on booking appointments with individuals who reach out to you. For example, a marketing program promoting your company prompts a call to action. When you receive these inquiries, it is pertinent to follow up with them in a timely manner to set appointments. Telecom can assist you in reaching these individuals on the same day of inquiry.

If your program requires, Telecom can combine lead generation and lead qualification efforts with our appointment setting role. In either setting, our telemarketing program is focused on setting an appointment with a decision-maker who shows up. 

Our team can set appointments on your company’s preferred calendar or CRM application to ensure internal visibility. We can also confirm and issue set appointments 24 to 48 hours prior using multiple channels, including voice, email and text. 

Telecom, Inc. is a Top Appointment Setter as certified by UpCity

Omnichannel Approach

Appointments can be held face-to-face or virtually, via web conference or telephone call, and we call all audiences and verticals. Our extensive experience in making outbound calls for nearly three decades is applied when designing a successful program. Appointment setting programs designed by Telecom often include an omnichannel approach, adding email and SMS messaging channels to complement our calling efforts.

No matter your approach, Telecom’s time-tested and optimized appointment setting services will result in more set, confirmed, issued and held appointments.

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