Customized Implementation Process

Our implementation process is designed to outline all responsibilities for both our team and yours, eliminating guesswork and ensuring a successful and timely launch of your program. These efforts are led by your Account Manager, who is tasked with relaying our contact center strategy to the proper internal parties and assigning responsibilities related to the build of your service solution. Your account manager will work closely with all department heads and monitor progress related to deliverables and key dates, focused on keeping our teams on schedule.

Customized Implementation Plan

Account managers are also responsible for creating a detailed Implementation Plan, which consists of action items and key delivery dates and is customized to your program. Our Implementation Plan is designed to manage the process of onboarding a new partner and program. This Implementation Plan helps to keep our teams accountable and working towards critical dates of delivery on our way towards the “go live” date. Your Account Manager will update the plan on a weekly basis throughout the setup process, and participate in weekly calls with your team.

The implementation time of a new program could be as little as two or three weeks, depending on several variables. Factors include technical considerations, availability of training materials, development of a dialogue plan, creation of FAQs and rebuttals, telephony considerations, the establishment of reporting criteria, email and chat strategy and permissions, availability of Telecom’s personnel with the preferred skills for the program and compliance considerations. 

The length of the training session(s) also has a direct impact on the implementation timeframe. A program launching in three weeks typically contains only two or three days of classroom training time. When classroom training is longer than three days, additional days in training will extend the program launch start date.

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