Comprehensive Order Processing Services to Increase Sales

Telecom, Inc. understands that the lifelong customer our clients desire can only be realized if the first impression we make on their behalf is a positive one.

Outsourcing order processing can bring a lot of value to your company. For many business owners, it is the most efficient and cost-effective option, allowing you to easily augment your in-house team and offload critical business processes for better time management.

You also get the benefit of having our highly-skilled agents act as a second sales team. They help you decrease order abandonment rates and increase your profits.

Maximize Order Value

We offer US based professional staff who are experienced, well-trained, educated and mature, all motivated to provide an exceptional customer experience. Team members are trained to become experts on your brand, to know your products, services, policies and systems, inside and out with a focus on maximizing the value of each order they process across any and every channel.

Team members assigned to order processing services are highly skilled in direct sales and cross-selling techniques and have been trained to guide buyers through the sales process and convert interested parties into paying customers.

Our extensive training processes and efforts to provide the best service possible to your customers results in a service experience typically reserved for individuals with VIP status. Telecom believes that every one of your customers deserves to feel like a VIP and we are proud to deliver that culture on your behalf.

Ensure Customer Satisfaction

When customers call to order a product, they expect the process to be easy and efficient from start to finish. They want to be able to place their order quickly and ensure the correct product arrives at their door in a timely manner.

Our detail-oriented agents process orders correctly the first time, making sure the entire process is seamless. For that reason, outsourcing order processing helps you meet your customers’ expectations.

There’s no doubt that those who purchase from you also expect to save money. Knowing this, our agents will ensure that customers know about any special or related offers your business is currently running.

This contributes to increased sales. It also helps your customers maximize their budgets and ensures that they get everything they need at the best possible price point.

With Telecom, you can rest assured that both your customers and your business reputation are in good hands. We answer every question customers have so they can make fully-informed buying decisions. And when customers interact with our professional, enthusiastic agents, they will walk away with the best impression of your brand.

Leverage Our Services Together to Supercharge Your Sales

Our team offers a comprehensive suite of services to help business owners reach their full potential with product sales. Our agents are skilled in a number of business processes and have the capacity to assist with every part of your sales funnel, including:

With our help, your business can enjoy end-to-end sales success without the burden of adding permanent full-time staff.

Leveraging our service offerings in this way can save your business a great deal of time and money — both critical resources that you can use to expand your product line and business. This in turn allows you to enhance efficiency and productivity across your entire organization without sacrificing your brand image or customer experience.

Let Our Team Help You Take Your Business to the Next Level

When you outsource your order processing service needs to us, you get the benefit of our decades of enterprise experience. We are particularly proud of our robust knowledge of best practices.

In addition to unparalleled customer service and support, we also offer the very best in reporting features that all our clients can access. These reports allow you to gather important business data and intelligence you can use to improve your products and sales and ensure customers get more of what they want.

Our quality assurance process is second to none. We monitor our agents across all communication channels, checking for professionalism and good sales techniques.

We also make sure that their language lines up with your preferred messaging and that they are adhering to the dialogue plan. Our team leaders observe agent calls and messages in real time and provide valuable feedback that only enhances their skills and abilities.

Our order processing services provide so much more to business owners than when someone simply enters product codes and clicks a few buttons. When done well, it’s another opportunity to make your brand better and increase your revenue.

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