Quality Online Service Center Solutions

Telecom’s Intelligent Communications® approach provides non-voice customer interaction channels.


Quality customer service is crucial to customer loyalty in the interactive world. When you choose Telecom’s comprehensive suite of online services, you can give your customers the communication solutions they need to make important buying decisions.

With our extensive array of online solutions, you can offer customers the flexibility to contact you when and how they choose to.

Online Services

  • Web Chat: Provide customers access to real-time interactions with customer service representatives (CSRs) via secure text chat and messaging.
  • Web Callback: Enable website visitors to request a callback, allowing your customers to instantly establish a voice connection with a CSR simply by clicking an icon.
  • Web Collaboration: Allow customers to synchronize browsers with CSRs in a collaborative environment. Web collaboration is browser-independent and does not require additional software installation.
  • Email Management: Reply automatically to customer email inquiries with a personalized response.
  • Text Messaging (SMS): Offer customers the option to communicate via text message and provide a convenient communication channel which drives quicker issue resolution.
  • Social Messengers: Monitor and reply to customer posts and inquiries across a host of popular social media messaging platforms.
  • Video Calling: Provide customers video calling functionality from within a chat session.
  • Bots: Decrease costs and increase customer satisfaction by automating responses to FAQs across multiple channels.

Multi-Media Channels

Seamlessly blending multiple media channels is essential to keeping customers engaged and satisfied. Email and text notifications have become part of everyday life and are routinely used to send messages, alerts, and reminders. With Telecom’s online solutions, your customers can take part in engaging, real-time, two-way conversations across the communication channel they prefer.

We offer a complete blending of all media channels to provide your customers with a true omnichannel experience. From one platform, our CSRs can communicate with your customers across their preferred channel – all at the same time. CSRs can handle email messages along with voice calls, chats, and mobile communication channels. This single view of your customer’s experience gives our CSRs the tools needed to ensure a consistent experience across all channels, improve the speed of resolution, and ultimately increase customer satisfaction.

These exceptional tools add up to a better customer experience and ultimately lead to increased sales and more satisfied customers. When bundled with our other service offerings, you can provide your customers with unparalleled communication options.

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