What Makes a Top Customer Service Outsourcing Company

top customer service outsourcing companies

Top customer service outsourcing companies are those that consistently deliver high-quality service and support to their customer’s clients. The value realized in terms of actual benefits and returns that a company achieves by outsourcing its customer service functions is often greater than managing these functions in-house. A top customer service outsourcing company will provide an effective arrangement that results in cost savings and improved customer satisfaction, leaving companies to focus on core business functions, all of which contribute to the overall value of outsourcing customer service.

Exceptional Customer Service

One such service outsourced, long viewed as a core function, is the servicing of customers. Companies not only realized the cost-savings that could be affected by outsourcing customer service functions to professionally staffed service centers, but where that customer service center was located proved vital for a better customer experience. Where initially many US companies outsourced customer service operations overseas, by the mid-2000s domestic service companies flourished. Domestic services offered higher quality compared to overseas outsourcing options due to issues related to language proficiency, cultural alignment, and even similar time zones. These perks of domestic services far outweighed initial costs when customer experiences (and business) tanked because of the lower quality of service from overseas providers.

Lower Overhead Costs

To be sure, cost is undoubtedly a driving factor when a company considers outsourcing its customer service. Top domestic outsourcing companies have the flexibility to bundle up what a company needs in a cost-effective package to ensure customers receive the quality of service they expect of a brand. 

The reality is when compared to operating an in-house customer service team, outsourcing is less expensive. Turning to a top company can save money on rental space, infrastructure and overhead costs, equipment purchases, investment in technology, facility maintenance, and ongoing staffing and training of customer service agents, as well as scaling customer service operations up or down as needed to accommodate fluctuations in demand without the need for hiring or layoffs. It also allows a company to focus on its core competencies—the business of running a business—rather than diverting resources to non-core functions like the infrastructure required to provide quality customer experiences and support. 

Custom Industry Solutions

Top outsourcing companies will offer custom-tailored solutions specific to the industry or business that they partner with. They will not only be well-versed and well-trained in the unique challenges, customer expectations, and regulations that pertain to that industry but strive to meet unique business requirements, from scripting and tone to specific KPIs and reporting. In large part, this is achieved through quality customer service by agents who are highly skilled and trained professionals. When considering outsourcing, look to a domestic service company like Telecom that invests in continuous training, who are staffed with knowledgeable agents, and holds excellent language and communication skills. 

Advanced Technology and Software

In addition to a quality customer service staff, top customer service outsourcing companies will have the tools and technology to enhance customer experiences. Having the right technology in place is essential for effective customer service. Top companies employ the latest tools and software that streamline operations and provide seamless experiences for customers and agents alike. Telecom offers its partners a wide choice of omnichannel customer service options, for both inbound and outbound services. Omnichannel solutions mean that we provide support through various communication channels—phone, live chat, email, social media, and more—to allow customers to select the communication options that they are most comfortable with.  

Outsource Your Customer Service Needs with Telecom, Inc.

Telecom is a mid-size, boutique domestic outsourcer providing exceptional customer service for its partners since 1993. Our approach is unique. Open and transparent, we offer a suite of cost-effective customer care solutions delivered by highly-trained customer service staff equipped with the latest advancements in customer service technology. We focus on customer satisfaction, service quality, and client relationships while continually evolving to meet the changing needs of clients and customers. 

We believe the key to making a top customer service outsourcing company is to maintain a commitment to excellence and consistently exceed our customer’s expectations. We’d love to hear from you! For more information on how we can help you increase sales, optimize your customer experience, and reduce your service costs, contact us today.

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