How to Build Brand Loyalty Through Customer Service

building brand loyalty

Brand loyalty is an important marketing tool for every business. Establishing brand loyalty not only helps companies sustain long-term growth, but also generates brand advocates and customer ambassadors. The essential component for building brand loyalty is positive customer experiences, which begins with professionally trained call center staff who are able to respond to every customer’s needs with satisfaction. Outsourcing such customer support services to a team of trained providers is a proven method for enhancing and increasing brand loyalty.

What is Brand Loyalty?

Brand loyalty is the positive, unique relationship consumers have with a particular product or service, by favoring that product over all other options. Customers exhibiting brand loyalty purchase only that product or service, despite the numerous choices available to them in the market. They are attached to the brand regardless of the price, product quality, or competitive actions.

True brand loyalty is demonstrated when customers are willing to pay higher prices for their brand than comparable products or services offered by competitors. Their fondness for the product or service is demonstrated with repeated purchases. They cannot be lured away. Brand loyalty is attitudinal, however, not compulsive. The choices consumers make are out of dedication to the brand vs. habit or compulsion. The product or service provides or fulfills the physical and/or emotional needs of the consumer.

Brand Loyalty’s Importance

Businesses value brand loyalty as a marketing goal because repeated purchases provide a reliable, consistent, source of revenue. Just as important, as a means of product advocacy, i.e., word-of-mouth, consumer referrals generate more repeat customers. According to a study by Bain & Company, a 5% increase in customer retention can produce a more than 25% increase in profit. This means that once brand loyalty is established, company costs for retention are significantly less than traditional means of customer acquisition and retention; think promotional sales, blanket advertising to generate brand awareness, flyers, coupons, and other marketing methods. Developing brand loyalty is an important business strategy in generating revenue and increasing customers without the costs associated with elaborate marketing campaigns.

The key to establishing brand loyalty is providing customers with an exceptional experience. This means a quality product and stellar customer service. According to PwC’s Consumer Intelligence Series on the Future of CX, bad customer experiences are the driving factor for switching brands – in the U.S., 59% of customers will walk away after several bad experiences, while 17% will abandon a brand after just one. The majority of customer losses are created by customer service-related problems, not the price of a particular product or service.

There are several ways that businesses can maintain their brand loyalty. No doubt continuing to deliver, if not exceed, the level of high-quality products and services is the best way to ensure brand loyalty is maintained. It’s just as important to listen to your customers, and respond to their queries, positive or negative, whether it is through social media platforms, email, or over the phone. Feedback is vital and opening up a dialogue between you and the customer will help solidify the relationship. In other words, customer service is the cornerstone of brand loyalty.

Exceptional Customer Service Builds Brand Loyalty

Few will disagree that exceptional customer service is the differentiating factor in building customer loyalty. Offering a quality product or service is the first step in setting a company apart from its competition. Providing exceptional customer service promotes a positive brand image, which in turn builds brand loyalty. In addition, positive customer service interactions with customers let them know that they are valued.

Developing brand loyalty lies within the framework of customer service. A system in which a business can develop a positive rapport with its customers is key. One where customers can submit comments or complaints, offer feedback, and even sound off to a responsive team of skilled agents dedicated to fielding any queries promptly and effectively. Establishing a customer-centric team in your call center is vital to ensure the system’s success.

One proven way to nurture and solidify brand loyalty is through outsourcing call center functions to a team of professional agents who are trained in building and maintaining positive customer relations. For businesses large and small, partnering with a professional call center service provider can bolster their customer service initiatives to further brand loyalty. Professional customer service agents are trained to provide support tailored to fit client needs. Outsourcing call center functions can heighten customer experiences, building greater brand loyalty that will continue to drive sales.

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