4 Types of Call Center Services

types of call center services

When companies partner with a contact center provider, several types of services exist. Whether managing a large volume of calls for inbound or outbound campaigns or expanding, managing, or providing online services and omnichannel technology solutions for their customers, having the right types of call center services in place is key to a project’s success. When customers want to resolve an issue, place an order, or field a query, the more call center services a company has made available, the better the customer experience is.

Why is a Variety of Services Important?

From managing customer support to selling products and services to taking orders, troubleshooting, or simply directing calls to the right department within a company or organization, call centers remain a viable and valuable tool for businesses on multiple levels. Ultimately, offering an array of services provides the most optimal and effective way for businesses and customers to communicate with each other. At Telecom, we offer various domestic contact center services that can help businesses grow and thrive.

Why Outsource?

Outsourcing contact and call center services allows businesses access to teams of professionally trained agents with the skills and expertise to communicate brands effectively. It also offers companies various advanced communication tools and cutting-edge technologies while lowering operational costs and freeing resources to focus more energy on product development, sales, and business operations.

4 Types of Call Center Services

Inbound Call Center Services

Inbound call center services are a fundamental component of most companies. As the name suggests, inbound calls are those phone calls made to a company that the customer initiates. How those calls are handled is vital to a company’s success. Though inbound call centers may serve a variety of roles, their primary function as an effective tool to enhance the customer experience is threefold—to provide customer support, answer calls relating to inbound sales, or provide some aspect of technical support or help desk services.

Outbound Call Center Services

Unlike the functions of inbound call center services, with its main focus on varying aspects of customer support, outbound call centers serve a more proactive role in helping companies improve their business and business prospects. Outbound services serve four primary objectives—telemarketing or telesales services, outbound lead generation or qualification, customer surveys and market research, and appointment scheduling. Where the orientation of inbound call services is responsive, outbound campaigns are projects initiated by companies to achieve goal-orientated results. Outbound service teams require a degree of experience to communicate the campaign’s goals for a desired outcome effectively. Our partners can utilize Telecom’s advanced omnichannel technology to provide a wide range of communication tools to reach customers and prospects however they prefer – by telephone, email, chat, SMS, or social channel functions all within one system.

Online Call Center Services

Online call center services offer customers digital (non-voice) channels of communication. In an ever-increasing interactive world, as a customer service option, online solutions are preferred as a method of contact because of convenience and familiarity. Unlike inbound or outbound calls, online contact and response saves time and offers far more flexibility for customers. They can choose when and where to communicate and receive quality support 24/7, with timely and precise responses. Telecom offers a comprehensive suite of online services for your customers. Online services range from web chat, web callback, and web collaboration to the convenience of text messaging, email management, automated FAQ bots, and social media platforms.


Simply put, self-service call center services allow customers to access automated voice platforms any time they wish. Today’s Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology offers a choice between traditional data input, conversational IVR that utilizes speech recognition, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) that allows customers to speak and convey what they need directly in their words. The primary advantage call center self-service options offer is high first-call resolution rates at a fraction of the cost of a fully staffed live agent call center. It doesn’t eliminate the need for live agents when customers want to speak with one, but it reduces the number of agents required on any shift.

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