Government Call Center Support Services

Many government agencies, from the federal to the local level, employ the services of outsourced government call centers. Telecom, Inc. offers experienced personnel who provide expert assistance to citizens and constituents, regardless of their needs.

Inbound and Outbound Programs

Telecom has extensive experience administering programs for government accounts. Our nearly 30 years of experience with various government-led programs have resulted in enterprise-level expertise, allowing us to custom develop successful programs.

We enable your government agency or department to streamline citizen interactions across inbound and outbound communications and provide a level of service that exceeds their expectations. Telecom is open 24/7, and we are ready to serve customers at any time.

Experienced Domestic Staff

When you outsource with Telecom, you partner with a team committed to quality and great results. Our staff are experts and operate exclusively from within the USA. Telecom offers staff who speak English, Spanish and additional languages to effectively communicate with your citizens.

Proper training is as important as having the right people in place. Telecom works closely with our partners to define an effective training curriculum, custom-designed for each program, including extensive role-playing before providing live support.

Flexible Service Models

Whether your program is large or small, Telecom offers different service models designed to maximize the ROI on every program and we can quickly ramp staff up or down, effectively pivoting as your needs change.

We offer our partners access to the latest omnichannel support options, including voice, email, chat, and social media, allowing customers to reach you through their preferred contact method. We also integrate with your preferred CRM, giving you complete visibility into each customer touchpoint.

Our commitment to excellence, ongoing adoption of best-in-class technology, custom solutions, and a transparent, collaborative, and partnership-based approach drives efficiency, business continuity and maximizes ROI.

Government Call Center Programs

Some of the government programs we can assist with include:

• Get Out to Vote
• Fundraising
• Contact Tracing
• Unemployment Claims
• Appointment Setting
• Polls and Surveys
• Emergency Service Requests
• Event Promotions

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