Success Stories: Seasonal eCommerce Staffing

Our Client

Is a multi-brand eCommerce retailer with roots in holiday and home décor, sold directly to consumers. Recognized as one of Forbes’s best small companies.

Telecom’s Services

Provide inbound sales and customer service support throughout the year.

The Challenge

To provide exemplary sales and service support to customers during peak months where volume reaches levels of forty times the norm as compared to the rest of the year.

Our Approach

  • Introduced an annual “forward-looking” strategy to identify resources required to support customer demand during all months of the coming year.
  • Developed business rules, training curriculum, and protocols unique to each brand that is supported by our team.
  • Applied phone, chat, and email support teams to allow customers to contact our client however prefer.
  • Developed supplemental, brand-specific training content to maximize the average order size through up and cross-selling offers.
  • Maintain a small core service team throughout the year. This approach allows us to remain close to customers and the core team to serve in the role of resident experts and team leaders during the peak season.
  • Utilize workforce management tools, applied to forecast data, to determine staffing requirements.
  • Initiate recruiting efforts one quarter before staffing demand begins to increase.
  • Increase marketing budget to allow for the recruitment of seasonal staff.
  • C-level Executive oversight.


  • Regularly achieve sales goals and service metrics.
  • Supported the brand since its launch and the partnership has evolved over 15 years of providing service.
  • Maintain our preferred vendor status with the client, while the brand has become the leader in artificial tree sales.

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