How to Tell if You Need BPO Customer Support Services

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If you are finding yourself drowning in customer service requests and pushing your call center resources to the limit, then it may be time to consider business process outsourcing (BPO) customer support. With that said, we invite you to join us as we take a deep dive into BPO customer support, including what it is and whether you should outsource your services.

What Is BPO Customer Support?

BPO customer support involves contracting your customer service processes to a third-party organization. Instead of managing an in-house team, your company will delegate the associated tasks to professionals who specialize in customer care, ensuring that your clients receive optimal assistance. 

There is a wide range of business process outsourcing providers, some of which offer more niche services, while others offer wide assortments of services, including financial management and HR duties, among others.

What Is a BPO Call Center?

A BPO call center is one that handles support requests for other businesses. It is the most common form of BPO customer support, though top BPO providers will typically offer omnichannel support, communicating with your customers across a variety of channels, including SMS messaging, emails, or live chats. 

What Does a Customer Support BPO Provider Do?

In addition to delivering phone-based customer support, some providers offer other services, such as SMS customer support BPO, and email customer support.

In any case, as part of their services, BPO providers will handle tasks such as:

  • Answering customer inquiries via phone calls, emails, chats, or SMS messages
  • Handling complaints and resolving disputes
  • Providing technical support or troubleshooting tips
  • Processing orders or returns
  • Offering product and service information

When searching for a BPO services provider, consider the scope and quality of the support each offers. Choosing a provider that offers omnichannel support is the best way to meet the needs of your customers while also strengthening your brand image. 

7 Signs You Need Business Process Outsourcing 

You should outsource customer support if any of the following circumstances apply to your business:

  1. You Can’t Provide the Quality of Customer Service You Want To

As a business owner, you have sky-high standards, and it is that commitment to quality that got you to where you are today. 

If the quality of your customer service is falling short of your expectations, a BPO provider can help bridge the gap, as they have the resources and staff necessary to meet the needs of your customers and live up to your standards. BPO agents are provided with specialized training and supplied with the latest support tech so they can deliver an exemplary support journey. 

  1. You’re Looking for Expertise

BPO firms are specialists in the customer service domain, having tried and tested methodologies, robust technologies, and training programs designed to produce the best support agents, making outsourcing your support a great way of tapping into third-party expertise. 

  1. You Don’t Have Time to Focus on Your Business

Entrepreneurs often wear multiple hats, but there are only so many hours in the day, and if you are stretched too thin, you won’t be able to focus on your core business processes. As such, if managing customer service is taking too much of your time and diverting from your core business activities, you will definitely stand to benefit from outsourcing. 

  1. Your Business is Growing Fast

Rapid growth is a double-edged sword. It’s great for profits, but it can also stretch your resources thin. At the same time, you don’t want to get into a hiring frenzy and take on too many new staff members too soon. 

If your customer support requests are increasing and your current team can’t keep up, BPO can provide the scalability you need. You can access a trained support team that is ready to start taking calls right away while also enjoying predictable support costs and avoiding the headaches of repeated hiring. 

  1. You Are Contending With Fluctuating Demand

Customers are unpredictable, but you must be able to adapt to sudden surges in demand if you want to keep growing your business.

To that end, BPO providers offer the flexibility necessary to deliver for your customers. You can scale up or down based on current market conditions and the needs of your customers, and the scalable nature of BPO customer support is especially beneficial for your business when offering seasonal deals or launching new products. 

  1. You Need to Cut Costs

Maintaining an in-house customer service department can be expensive, as salaries, benefits, and equipment costs can all add up to hefty recurring expenses for your business. You will also face hidden costs associated with churn, turnover, and the never-ending hiring and onboarding cycle.

A business process outsourcing provider can provide the same (or better) level of service at a fraction of the cost. Yours will navigate the challenges of recruiting, training, and purchasing equipment while you enjoy a consistent monthly price and the peace of mind that comes with knowing that a team is in place to meet your customers’ support needs without enduring the headaches and cost of in-house support. 

  1. You Want to Keep Customers Around Longer

Approximately 60% of consumers will stop doing business with a brand following just a few bad customer service experiences, and though your most loyal customers might endure one bad interaction with your support staff, they probably won’t stick around after subsequent poor experiences.

Ready to Outsource? Here’s What to Do Next

If you are ready to outsource, you have a few important steps to take. First, you need to choose between domestic BPO and offshore BPO. A domestic provider is based in the U.S., and using a domestic provider means you won’t have to contend with cultural barriers, major time zone differences, or inconsistent support quality.

Next, you must start compiling a list of prospective providers. Consider factors like their reputations, the scope of their services, and the needs of your customers. Partnering with a multifaceted provider that has a well-trained staff will fuel the growth of your brand, boost customer satisfaction, and help you cut costs in the process.

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