Why You Should View Customer Support as a Service (and How You Can Improve It!)

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Providing good customer support services is the cornerstone for the success of any business. Though it may seem obvious, it’s important to reiterate that customer experiences matter in today’s competitive marketplace. Customers carry high expectations. When they call customer support, they want timely responses to their queries and personalized service tailored to their needs. They are put off by insufficient solutions to their problems, long wait times, and repetitive transfers. 

When the quality of customer experiences goes down, even after one bad experience, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) found nearly one in three customers will move on to another brand. That is a high attrition rate that no company should ignore. The harsh reality is that customers do not tolerate poor customer support. 

The Importance of Providing Strong Customer Support Services

As businesses grow and expand, strong customer service support should be considered an important part of the services that businesses provide. Companies that look to invest in and build upon their customer support strategies will not only strengthen their organization but will be rewarded with customer retention and growth. 

Offering customer support as a service is just as important to the overall success of a company as the sales and marketing team is. Providing support services drives positive customer experiences, too. It allows companies to utilize a range of options to deliver great customer experiences, from “on-demand” outsourced contacted call centers staffed with trained, professional agents to ready-made omnichannel experiences that allow customers to resolve any issues as they choose, quickly and effectively.

Though customer support as a service is a relatively new term, sometimes referred to as simply “support as a service” or by its acronym, CSaaS, the concept is nothing new. It is akin to traditional services because a customer calls with questions about a product or service and a company representative answers them. But it is unlike traditional services, which, for many, do not have the best of reputations. In the past, calls frequently left customers frustrated by long wait times, canned responses or scripts, and marginal service, which, in the day and age of social media and business ratings posted on the internet, enables an easily accessible platform for customers to share their experiences with the world.

Improve Your Customer Experience By Prioritizing It

Customer support as a service distances itself from traditional services and takes the concept and meaning of customer service to another level. It essentially refers to creating a customized, unique support system for customers to be engaged and engage in. The approach is flexible. It utilizes contact call center services that combine direct interaction with agency representatives and customers with a myriad of online services and support solutions that provide customers with choices that they are comfortable with. Customer service support gives companies a competitive edge by giving their customers a satisfying experience which, in turn, means continued business relationships and referrals on social media and internet platforms that are positive.

Customer support as a service is essential to meet the ever-increasing expectations of customers. As businesses strive to deliver the best overall customer experience, CSaaS offers a range of omnichannel support services for companies to choose from—voice, SMS, mobile, email, and social media. From exceptional contact center services to versatile omnichannel solutions, Telecom provides its clients with unparalleled call center customer service options to ensure better customer experiences.

How Telecom, Inc. Can Help

Telecom, Inc. offers its clients a comprehensive suite of CSaaS options ranging from trained, professional agents representing our partner’s best practices, policies, and brand messaging to a blend of customer-oriented multiple media channels and online solutions. Our agents possess advanced listening skills and provide genuine responses that create unique experiences for each customer. In short, we treat your customers as we would wish to be treated.

For customers who prefer online solutions, Telecom offers an array of multiple media channels designed to not only engage customers but allow them to interact with your company the way that they wish. This is a true omnichannel experience. A seamless blend of contact solutions provides real-time, two-way conversations. Customers may communicate through web chat, web callback, text messages (SMS), social messengers, email contact management, and automated bot processes. These are essential to keeping customers engaged and satisfied. 

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