Success Stories: Healthcare Certification Support

Our Client

Provides the industry’s most valued certification services to pharmacy technicians, allowing candidates to obtain their credentials and practice as pharmacy technicians.

Telecom’s Services

Telecom provides multi-channel support to individuals seeking accreditation or recertification on the pharmacy technician designation.

The Challenge

Our client implemented an overhaul in standard operating procedures for recertification requirements confusing members. Requests for assistance spiked driving response time to three times the targeted metric goal in a matter of days.

Our Approach

  • Immediately trained additional staff and provided supplemental training to existing staff on the changes in operating procedures that were introduced to technicians before us.
  • Collaborated with client to streamline delivery of essential information provided by Cert Ops through an integrated program (CCMS).
  • Consulted with the client on developing additional web-accessible articles to provide more “self-help” opportunities to technicians and reduce live agent support inquiries.
  • Consulted with the client on adding content to emails notifying technicians of the changes to the standard operating procedures to reduce confusion and need to contact support.
  • Designed a custom email handler quick response macro with a quick search feature that allows agents to locate appropriate details with a few keystrokes, along with a manual on how to process the macro.
  • Introduced an additional key management resource, a Customer Care Coordinator, to help with escalated tickets and other assigned responsibilities.
  • C-level Executive oversight.


  • Response time quickly dropped back within the service level goal.
  • Essential information to provide quality support to members is available to support staff.
  • With assistance, technicians can correct their application status at a 99% retention rate.
  • The satisfaction rating has risen from 72% in December of 2019 to 90% currently (and is still rising).
  • The partnership remains healthy and thriving, 15 years after the initiation of service.

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