Telecom, Inc’s Self-Service system provides a cost-effective, easy to use, telephone and mobile-based customer care solution.

Self-Service allows you to offer your customers an automated platform to access and input data, without the need for direct agent interaction – using voice recognition or Interactive Voice Response (IVR).

Self-Service transactions have high first call resolution rates and can be handled for a fraction of the cost of a live agent call. And if customers want to speak with a live agent, a customer service representative is only a push of a button away.

We work closely with you to develop a customized Self-Service solution that meets your specific business requirements. Self-Service can be designed as a stand-alone application or bundled with our other services to create a seamless, unified customer care experience.

Particularly useful for pre-call routing, account updates, and sales verifications, our Self-Service options offer you the flexibility to provide clear, concise information to your customers at a reduced cost.