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call center for small businesses

A call center for small businesses serves as an important resource for companies as they grow and expand. Though call centers are often associated with large companies and organizations, businesses, regardless of their size, have turned to call centers for many years. Today, call centers are specialized service centers that can handle your inbound and outbound communication needs. Small business owners employ call centers to manage customer service and develop businesses to focus on running their companies. Call centers can serve a variety of roles but, overall, allow businesses to communicate with their customers

Customer Services and Sales Support

Two areas of importance that call centers focus on to support small businesses are customer service and sales. Customer service support entails helping existing and prospective customers with pre and post-sale assistance. When supplied with specific protocols and training, a call center can handle just about any service need that would otherwise encumber internal employees and detract from their primary duties. The scope of support offered ranges from answering simple questions throughout the day regarding business hours, return policy, and canceling appointments to complex, technical questions. Call center staff also handle sales-related responsibilities and functions, including order placement, scheduling sales appointments, and making outbound sales calls. 

Increased Productivity 

By outsourcing call center support, owners and employees can focus on other responsibilities. Though some internal employees can provide customer service support, it is, nonetheless, less efficient use of human resources onsite. A small business cannot operate effectively if staff is spread too thin, a common result when personnel is asked to add customer service or sales responsibilities to those they were hired to fulfill. When hiring a quality call center service, be assured that a team of professional agents will take on this important role, focused solely on these assigned tasks. 

Advanced Communication Technology

Providing the service your customers expect and deserve is one benefit of employing a professional call center service. Call centers offer an array of services and advanced technology not only to handle increased call volumes but every other aspect of communication designed to improve customer experience and expand the existing base. While call centers provide real-time coverage throughout the day—or around the clock if needed—a range of communication services are there to aid small businesses. Answering emails and chat inquiries or replying to social media posts also provide customers with options, improving the customer experience. Call centers offering omnichannel support models provide these options to your customers and allow a conversation to move from one contact channel to another as desired.

Optimized Expenses

One sure way to manage operating costs effectively is hiring a call center service. Left unchecked, operational expenses in running a small business can make or break a company. Whereas customer service is but one operational expense that small businesses carry, it is an important one. To answer customer calls and respond to emails and chats, an in-house call center team requires space, equipment and furnishing, training, and the technology to do so. With that comes payroll, payroll taxes, health benefits, ongoing IT upgrades, dedicated staffing, and an administrative support team to manage it all. Outsourcing customer service redistributes the operational expenses associated with staffing a call center. Rather than carrying the expenses associated with paying a full team of internal customer service staff, you can optimize the process by outsourcing to a professional call center team, greatly reducing your overhead. 


High-quality call centers are staffed with experienced agents trained to service customers in a professional, prompt, polite, and effective manner. Partnering with a call center is very much an extension of your customer service practices, policies, and brand messaging performed by professional agents with the experience to listen to customer needs and deliver appropriate support.

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