5 Reasons Phone Customer Service Support Still Matters in 2022

phone customer service support

For business owners wondering if there is still a need to offer phone customer service support, take note that customer service delivered on the phone is still the preferred method of support that people choose when presented with options. In that light, companies should not underestimate the advantages and importance of having professionally trained telephone customer service representatives available for their customers. In a 2021 survey by TCN, Inc., Americans overwhelmingly preferred speaking with a live agent, nearly 70% more than the next methods of communication, email (54%) and online chat (46%).

Even with advancements in automation and technology, a 2018 global survey conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) reported 75% of consumer respondents will still choose to interact with a real person over a digital option. The survey revealed that 82% of US respondents and 74% of non-US respondents want more human interaction now and in the future.

The numbers don’t lie or even exaggerate the relevance of human contact to the success of a company. When customers need to contact a business, they prefer to speak with a company representative on the phone. Leveraging highly-trained contact center agents to provide customer service on the phone helps businesses grow and thrive. From speed and convenience to building trust and giving customers the personal attention they deserve, here are five reasons professional and experienced call center agents can benefit your business:

1. Speed and Convenience

Of the many channels of communication available to contact businesses these days—email, web chat, social media, and Interactive Voice Response (IVR), to name a few—for speed and convenience, the telephone remains the best way for customers to communicate with businesses. Phone-based customer service also contributes to higher customer satisfaction through effective first-call resolution. Companies still respond to customer queries quicker on the phone than on other channels. Email replies often take upwards of 24 hours. When speaking to call center agents, customers are better positioned to receive problem resolution on the first try. Telephone calls offer direct communication with humans, and through this personal interaction comes a better opportunity for resolution in the moment. 

2. Customers Need to Be Heard

Phone interactions provide the opportunity for customers to be heard when problems arise. An unhappy customer may want to complain vociferously or simply want a chance to be understood. Taking the time to calmly listen to a customer can turn an unfavorable situation into a favorable one. Once a customer has vented his or her concerns, a friendly voice can address them one at a time to work through the problem. The phone interactions allow contact center personnel to express sympathy and empathy and take the necessary steps to achieve a favorable outcome.

3. Building Your Brand

Providing a positive customer service experience is a chance to build your brand through word-of-mouth marketing. When customers speak to friendly agents it not only humanizes your business but presents a platform to communicate the values and public image of your company. With every phone call, a human connection is established. An interaction between two people ensues, one of whom is making contact to resolve an issue or make an inquiry, the other to offer a solution or provide an answer. Effective phone customer service projects a positive image for your brand and gives companies a competitive edge through word-of-mouth marketing.

4. Matters of Trust

Managing sensitive personal data is a cornerstone of phone customer support. Many customers would rather speak with a call center agent regarding account information, billing inquiries, and so forth than fill out an online form and submit it. As a measure of caution and security, people do not want an email exchange that includes exposing their sensitive personal data. Instead, by calling the company, customers are put in direct contact with an agent who can field a series of security questions known only to the caller. They are assured that their personal information has been secured by the company and entrusted with the agent they are speaking with. Call centers that provide support in compliance with industry standards, such as PCI DSS and HIPAA, are focused on preserving and protecting the personal data they touch most effectively.

5. Phone Support Integrates and Enhances Other Platforms

As cell phones have evolved into smartphones, phone and web services have followed suit. The two services have essentially integrated into the primary way that individuals seek information and make contact with each other, institutions, entities, and businesses. People make simple searches and instantaneously find business or service provider websites. They can engage passively or make direct contact with an agent over the phone in a matter of seconds to seek product information, place an order or schedule an appointment. When businesses have phone customer service integrated with other platforms, it offers a full customer service experience for consumers, customers, and patients alike. 

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