Why You Should Outsource Call Center Services for Your eCommerce Business

eCommerce call center

From increased sales to enhanced customer service, an eCommerce-focused call center can benefit your company in multiple ways. The role of the eCommerce call center has dramatically expanded in the past few years – as the pandemic forced an unprecedented change in consumer behavior patterns, perhaps no segment of the economy grew faster than the eCommerce sector. In the wake of the pandemic, with so many people working at home or simply avoiding contact with the outside world, consumers turned to eCommerce as a solution to meet their everyday needs.

It’s not that eCommerce is something new. It’s been a viable and successful business strategy for decades. But in the wake of the pandemic, the need has never been greater. Adapting to the new consumer behavior ‘reality’ was essential for businesses to remain competitive and survive. As the US Census Bureau reported, during the first year of the pandemic, eCommerce sales increased by 43%, from $571.2 billion in 2019 to $815.4 billion in 2020. Even though the pandemic has subsided, the convenience of 24/7 online shopping and at-home delivery has not, and is, in fact, here to stay. In other words, what served a vital need has become a habit for millions of people.

Outsourcing eCommerce Customer Support

With the substantial growth in eCommerce sales comes a need for eCommerce customer support. In a time of expanding opportunities for eCommerce businesses then, professional call center services have never been more relevant and essential for the success of eCommerce businesses as they are now. Outsourcing the sales and support needs to a professional eCommerce-focused contact center offers businesses various services and options that will differentiate your brand from the competition.

Advantages of Outsourcing Contact Center Services for eCommerce

One of the primary advantages of working with a professional call center is how outsourcing this function allows businesses to focus on growth and profitability rather than managing a customer support team. The reality is that hiring, training, and maintaining an in-house support team is time-consuming and will certainly siphon away valuable resources. Rather than managing the challenges that accompany an in-house support team, consider having a professionally-trained call center staff in place—one that is far more cost-effective and efficient. The call center will familiarize itself with your brand. It can streamline your sales efforts on the front end and manage incoming calls with experienced agents who can answer questions, promote your business, address and resolve problems, and more. At the same time, your time is free to focus on expanding your business.

Call centers staffed with experienced agents not only provide high-quality service, but they also offer a suite of services designed to enhance customer experiences. Telecom offers complete omnichannel support services to serve your customers in whichever way they prefer to communicate with you—in addition to the phone—email, chat, and a range of social channels and digital solutions. You can access professional tools, including the latest technologies easily integrated with your website and/or other platforms, and advanced hardware and software constantly updated and managed by experienced operators. As for staffing needs, they are scalable to certain hours or times of day, week, or season.

Partner with Telecom, Inc.

Business in the eCommerce sector has never been so fulfilling, rewarding, and competitive. As your eCommerce company grows, positively impacting your customer’s experience ensures you remain competitive. At Telecom, Inc., our custom-tailored contact center solutions can seamlessly integrate into your eCommerce business. We offer flexible and dynamic services to help you further differentiate your brand from competitors to ensure continued success.

Telecom’s area of expertise is in providing various brand-specific solutions custom designed to meet every one of your customer’s needs. The combination of experienced agents and cutting-edge technology custom-tailored to deliver superior customer service will help ensure the success of your program. To learn more about how Telecom can support your eCommerce business, schedule a meeting with us today!

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