The Important Role of the Outsourced Call Center in the Sudden Rise of eCommerce

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For many call center service providers, the Covid-19 pandemic created unprecedented challenges that changed the way that they, and the companies they serve, operate on a fundamental level. The pandemic created a surge of customer demand for digital channels. ECommerce in particular posed challenges in keeping up with this significant increase of customer activity, and many companies struggled to support this unexpected and sudden need. As consumer demand continued to spike, companies looked for help from call center service providers, who pivoted to meet those challenges. 

Once the pandemic took hold and, health and safety concerns increased, US consumers flocked online to engage in eCommerce at a rate never seen before. Where caution may have once existed with consumers to fully engage in eCommerce services, post-pandemic trends reflect an elevated level of confidence among customers and show that the eCommerce services will continue to expand. 

Call Centers Strengthen Customer Service

As the transformation in eCommerce has accelerated, businesses large and small can bolster their customer service initiatives by partnering with a call center service provider. Because the pandemic redefined customer engagement for businesses within a new digital realm, expect the post-pandemic business environment to evolve along the same path. For successful eCommerce businesses, optimizing the customer experience is essential to remain competitive. Inbound and outbound solutions provided by a full-service omnichannel contact center give customers what they have come to expect. Additionally, omnichannel technology allows domestic contact centers like Telecom, Inc. to serve customers of their business partners far more effectively and efficiently. 

Omnichannel Contact Solutions Put Customers First

More than just phone services, omnichannel contact solutions provide customers with the option to communicate with businesses the way they prefer—be it over the phone, through email, web chat, social channels, or any other digital platform. Effective contact solutions enable businesses to outsource their communications, manage customer orders, and offer an assortment of advanced services ranging from building loyalty programs to conducting surveys with customers to better understand their needs coming out of the pandemic. 

Effective call center outsourcers and their agents are positioned to offer smooth digital experiences to ensure seamless, pleasant, and effective customer journeys. Full contact solutions offer the resources necessary for companies to effectively pivot as business models change and adapt. Contact centers have experienced staff equipped with advanced technology to promptly implement modifications as needed. Customer Service Representatives are trained to provide custom support to particular businesses and customers—best practices are tailored to fit client needs. In doing so, customer experiences are enhanced and build greater brand loyalty, credibility, and drive sales. 

Digital is the New Normal

In many ways, the transformation that occurred has transitioned the traditional call center to an optimal contact center setting designed to support eCommerce. Even as post-pandemic in-store shopping has increased, every indication is that the new normal will see consumers continuing to use and rely on digital platforms to shop. One recent survey of grocery shoppers over a three-month period found that 95% of consumers who shopped for groceries online also made in-store grocery purchases during the same period. Additionally, many shoppers who may not have used contact center services before the pandemic have now become accustomed to a new way of shopping, and consumers are now well-adapted to the convenience offered by shopping online.  

The pandemic caused businesses to react to unprecedented consumer challenges. It forced companies to shift rapidly, using digital options as a way of positively navigating those challenges to benefit customers and consumer demands. Call center service providers like Telecom are now better positioned to handle a greater volume of customer interactions. This includes omnichannel contact solutions that allow customers to reach businesses through their preferred communication method, with staff fully trained to uniquely respond to customer needs. In a post-pandemic world of expanding eCommerce services and challenges, partnering with a call center service provider will continue to help businesses to seamlessly adapt, and ensure a smooth, high-quality customer experience.

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