Telecom, Inc. Featured on Podcast for Post-Pandemic Contact Center Vetting

Any brand considering having an outsourced contact center serve their valued customers must take steps to ensure they have the right service provider as their partner. Companies invest extensive resources, money, and time establishing their identity, approach to service excellence, and messaging associated with their brand. Much of this is accomplished while serving their customers simultaneously. After such a big investment, you simply can’t allow another company that you choose to represent your brand tarnish what you have worked so hard for. Hence, the need for effective vetting practices.

Since the pandemic, companies must vet outsourced contact centers differently since so many centers have altered their staffing approach to employing remote employees. While many of the legacy vetting practices still hold, some approaches have changed and in certain ways, for the better.

Recently Telecom participated in a podcast led by industry leaders at Call Center Power, a company consisting of respected consultants focused on the contact center space. Great insight was offered by the brain trust, representing perspectives from the buyer side, provider side, and operations side. We welcome you to listen to the Call Center Power podcast here. We also published a blog on this topic back in March of 2021, which we encourage you to read: 10 Steps to Vetting Contact Centers During the Pandemic. You can also listen to Call Center Power’s other informative podcasts here.

Telecom, Inc. has been expertly serving customers’ support needs on behalf of leading brands since 1993. To learn more about our services, and how to vet us and other candidates, please contact us or schedule an appointment.

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