How to Select a Third-Party Call Center Services Partner

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Over 50% of retail customers in the United States prefer to address urgent issues via phone conversations. This statistic demonstrates the importance of providing your customers with high-quality, timely phone-based support. However, delivering this support in-house is impractical, expensive, and inefficient.

Fortunately, third-party call center services represent a better option. The question is, how do you find the right business process outsourcing (BPO) partner to handle call center functions? Join us as we explore practical tips for evaluating BPO companies and finding call center outsourcing services that live up to your high standards. 

How to Choose a Call Center

Finding customer service outsourcing services that align with your needs, budget, and long-term goals can be tough. That’s why you must consider a wide range of factors before selecting a BPO company. Some of the variables you need to be mindful of include:

Your Company’s Needs

Not all BPO call centers offer the same scope of services. Some BPO companies function as inbound and outbound call centers, while others offer comprehensive business process outsourcing services. 

Therefore, step one involves making a list of your company’s needs. What type of call center outsourcing services are you looking for? Do you only need inbound call center capabilities, or would you prefer comprehensive inbound, outbound, self-service, and web-based support? Once you know what scope of services you are looking for, you can weed out unsuitable BPO companies and narrow your search. 


The location of third-party call center services might not seem like a big deal, but this factor is actually quite important. Domestic centers often provide a higher level of service with representatives who understand local nuances and culture. This understanding can lead to higher customer satisfaction and more effective support. 

When speaking to a third-party call center services provider, always ask where their support agents are located. Also, find out what time zones they operate within and ensure they can provide adequate coverage for your customers. 

Quality of the Workforce

The caliber of a call center’s workforce is paramount. You need a team that is skilled and trained to handle the unique requirements of your business. 

Find out what sort of training and support agent development strategies the BPO provider offers its staff. If they are apprehensive about sharing information regarding their training programs, there is a good chance that the workforce won’t be able to meet your standards. 

Customization Capabilities

A one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work with third-party call center services. You need a call center that offers customized solutions based on the unique needs of your business.

Find out whether the provider has worked with clients in your industry before. If they haven’t, they might have a tough time adapting to your needs. 


Your business needs might change over time, so it’s important that your call center partner is able to scale up or down as required. This is particularly vital if you are only outsourcing part of your customer support processes. 

For instance, suppose that you decide to outsource inbound calls but want to keep handling outbound communications internally for the time being. If you choose to outsource other processes in the future, will the provider be able to accommodate your new needs?

You should also assess the provider’s ability to handle increased call volumes or sudden spikes in demand for support without compromising service quality. Your customers deserve an exceptional and consistent experience, so make sure your BPO call center partner can deliver. 

Technology and Infrastructure 

In today’s digital world, having access to the right technology and infrastructure is vital. The best BPO companies offer: 

  • Cloud-based technologies 
  • Advanced customer relationship management (CRM) platform integrations
  • Omnichannel support capabilities
  • Robust data security measures to protect customer privacy 

Evaluate the technological capabilities of a potential partner to ensure they can meet your present and future needs. The ideal partner will make your business better and more resilient through the strategic use of technology. 

Track Record and Reputation

A call center’s reputation in the market can give you significant insights into its service quality. Look for reviews, testimonials, success stories, and case studies. Companies with a proven record of success often deliver higher service levels and customer satisfaction.

When exploring success stories and case studies, look for data that illustrates how the company delivered value for its clients. Consider things like cost savings, reduced call wait times, and improved first-call resolution rates. 

Cost Effectiveness 

Speaking of cost, it’s important that your third-party call center services provider deliver good value and a strong return on your investment. You shouldn’t look for the cheapest solution out there; instead, focus on what you are getting for your money. 

Consider the potential ROI of each BPO call center. Find out what they provide in terms of support quality, technology, and flexibility. The best BPO companies offer cost-effective solutions while also streamlining the delivery of support.

Communication and Reporting

Your BPO call center partner should be able to provide regular, detailed reports on key metrics and be easily reachable for any queries or issues that arise. A transparent partner will be upfront, consistent, and accommodating. 

Find out how often you’ll receive performance reports, what information they will contain, and how your partner will work to deliver better value over time. Also, ensure that you’ll be assigned a designated point of contact. 

Cultural Fit

Lastly, check that your call center partner aligns with your company’s values and culture. Remember that providers of third-party call center services will act as ambassadors for your brand. If the provider and their agents embody your values and are a good cultural fit, they will be able to effectively represent you while serving your customers.

Ready to Leverage Outsourced Customer Service Solutions?

Finding the ideal BPO call center isn’t easy, but it is certainly worthwhile. If you are wondering how to choose a call center, be sure to do your due diligence, carefully evaluate the scope and quality of call center outsourcing services, and be mindful of your company’s future needs. In doing so, you’ll be able to deliver higher-quality customer support, reduce costs, and set the stage for long-term business growth. 

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