How to Calculate Outbound Call Center Outsourcing Cost

There are numerous factors to consider when negotiating a call center outsourcing cost. Here are some of the most important.

Call centers play a major role in supporting businesses across various sectors, whether in-house or outsourced. Outsourcing call center operations allows many businesses to save on operational costs while improving efficiency and allowing key members of their teams to focus on core business operations. Outsourcing has many benefits, but what about the telemarketing cost? While the precise telemarketing cost structure will depend on the company you outsource with, there are some general ways to calculate outbound call center outsourcing cost.

What Costs Are Involved with Outbound Calling?

How much does it cost to start a call center? There are numerous costs associated with outbound call centers, including the following:


Perhaps the largest component of outbound call center costs is labor, which includes the salaries and benefits of the call center agents and their supervisors, managers, and support staff.

What is the hourly rate for a call center agent, exactly? Again, it depends on the company. 

The rate is determined by the agent’s base salary, which accounts for their skill level and experience and the geographical area in which they’re located. If they work full-time, they’ll also likely have benefits like retirement plans, health insurance, etc.


Normal overhead expenses for a call center company include rent, utilities, and the office equipment needed for agents to do their jobs.


Another contact center outsourcing cost is telecommunication, including phone lines, internet connections, and other necessary communication infrastructure.

Hardware and Software

Hardware and software costs are associated with purchasing, maintaining, and upgrading infrastructure like CRM systems, computer hardware, and call-routing software.

Recruitment and Training

Finally, there are costs for recruiting, hiring, training, and continuing the professional development of call center agents. These are sometimes significant, especially in specialized industries.

How Much Does an Outbound Call Center Cost?

How much does working with a call center on outbound interactions cost? Call centers set up their pricing structure in two general ways: cost per call and cost per hour.

Cost Per Call

One common metric many outbound call center companies use is cost per call, where the cost of outsourcing is dictated by the number of calls the partner makes on your behalf.

This metric includes all expenses handling a single customer interaction during a single call. Ultimately, the cost depends on the individual company’s pricing structure.

Cost Per Hour

Cost per hour describes the cost paid for each hour the representatives work. Some call centers in the U.S. charge anywhere from $20–$30 per hour, while others stationed overseas in places like India can be as low as $6–$10 per hour.

Factors to Consider

There are numerous factors to consider when negotiating a call center outsourcing cost. Here are some of the most important.

Anticipated Volume

If your industry requires a high call volume, you might discuss an hourly contract with the outsourcing company you work with. Of course, you’ll also want to monitor agent performance to ensure sufficient calls are being made per hour.


Do you anticipate regular business hours, or do you need round-the-clock availability? The answer will determine, at least in part, how much you pay.

Domestic or International

Are you considering working with an international call center whose agents are based overseas? While international call centers can offer lower rates, there are innumerable benefits to working with a domestic call center.

For one thing, native English speakers will likely produce better customer interactions if your target audience is based in the U.S.

Effective call handling is crucial, as one of the biggest hurdles you encounter with outbound telemarketing is establishing trust and rapport with customers to keep them on the phone and meet your objective, be it making a sale or setting an appointment.

If your telemarketing agents are native speakers with a firm grasp of the nuances of the language, those outbound interactions tend to go smoother and be more successful overall.

Prioritize Price Transparency Before Making a Deal

There are many factors to consider when figuring outbound call center outsourcing costs. Since every company has its pricing structure, there’s no surefire way to anticipate how much working with an outbound call center will cost you.

Before moving forward with a particular company, clarify your objectives and consider the volume of calls you anticipate. Ask the company about their pricing structure for outbound call costs and make sure they’re transparent so you don’t get saddled with hidden costs or fees.

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