How and Why to Motivate Customer Service Staff

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Telecom, Inc. is known for our customer service excellence. As those in any service industry can tell you, the secret to high-quality customer service lies in a motivated staff who feels appreciated for their hard work. Recognizing employee efforts is not just great for their mental well-being – it’s also great for a company’s bottom line. 

Give Positive Feedback

Positive feedback is one of the most effective ways to show appreciation for your staff. Accolades can come in many forms, including verbal praise, awards, promotions, and raises. Acknowledging and celebrating employee’s achievements should be the expected course for companies, no matter how small the achievement is. Members of the management, and executive, teams should prioritize this approach, with recognition given at both individual and team levels. Additionally, recognizing staff in front of their peers is an excellent way to show appreciation. Public recognition of employee successes can be displayed through bulletin board posts, team meetings, or emails distributed throughout the team or company. 

Ensure Resources are Available

Motivating staff shouldn’t be limited to recognizing accomplishments. Ensuring your employees have the necessary resources to perform their jobs to the best of their abilities is a perfect opportunity for appreciation. Showing employees your willingness to invest in their professional growth makes them feel valued. Investing in training and skill development is a great way to motivate employees while helping the organization achieve desired results. You must convey how the training you provide is in appreciation of their actions and an investment in their opportunity to earn promotions and earn more money.

Offer Rewards

Another great way to show staff appreciation is to provide appropriate rewards. Rewards don’t have to be expensive, but they should be something that employees are genuinely interested in. These rewards could be anything from gift cards, lunch on the company, tickets to sporting events, grab bag prizes, lottery tickets, or another creative idea. You can survey your staff on desired rewards to help fill the gaps. These gestures go a long way toward showing employees they are valued.

Create an Enjoyable Culture

Creating a culture of support and collaboration is also essential. Being involved in shaping the company’s future motivates staff. Typically, this involves inviting staff to regular meetings and allowing employees to discuss successes, challenges, observations, and recommendations. Soliciting employee’s feedback demonstrates your interest in their development and how they have a supportive workplace to turn to when they need assistance. Job security is undoubtedly a motivating factor for many employees. Another example of employee collaboration can be found when valued staff assists in the sales process. Many employees enjoy being involved in the presentation process and feel recognized for their efforts when invited into conversations with prospective partners. In turn, prospective companies vetting a call center love to hear how appreciated employees feel and how committed the company is to maintaining a culture of appreciation and commitment to customer service excellence directly from employees.

Recognize Committed Staff

Not everyone can be a superstar, but everyone can aspire to be one. Companies must remember to recognize the efforts of staff who fall short of production goals but not short of effort or commitment. In the call center space, programs are regularly managed based on KPIs. As a result, considerable data is available to gauge effort and provide opportunities to recognize employees trying their best to succeed. Efforts to motivate staff must span the entire range of employees on the payroll.

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Call centers benefit from an engaged workforce motivated to deliver the best possible customer service by utilizing several forms of staff appreciation and recognition, as mentioned above. Call centers and customer service departments wishing to grow and maintain profitable businesses understand that employee retention is key to their ability to do so. Mitigating turnover is a significant consideration for all companies with customer service staff. Recognition of efforts and achievements directly impacts employee retention rates and your bottom line, in addition to customer service excellence. This fact alone should make motivating staff and demonstrating appreciation a top priority.

Telecom, Inc. recently celebrated our 30th anniversary. We could not have reached this milestone without the efforts of our outstanding customer service employees, all of whom are motivated and appreciated by our management team. To learn how we can apply our employee appreciation best practices to your program partner, contact us for a free quote and consultation.

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