A Guide to Building Your Contact Center Outsourcing Strategy for 2022

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Developing a contact center outsourcing strategy may be on the horizon if your company’s growth is exceeding customer support capabilities. For the success of any company, there must be a cost-effective balance between the two. If you are short-staffed or your support team isn’t providing results consistent with expectations, consider an outsourcing strategy for 2022 – one that provides the continued service your customers expect while optimizing your business potential. 

To continue the success of a growing brand, companies are turning to business process outsourcing (BPO) providers to improve their customer’s experiences and their bottom line. BPO services vary, ranging from technical support to telemarketing, customer billing to payroll, and even human resources. One of the more important aspects of today’s BPO market is contact center outsourcing services.  

While outsourcing contact center services often makes sense, you must develop a strategy that is cost-effective and meets the customer service challenges your company faces in order to achieve success. Knowing when your company should outsource its contact center services and determining which services work best to serve your needs is essential to planning an effective strategy. 

When Should a Company Outsource Contact Center Services?

At some juncture of growth, a company must decide whether it’s time to expand all business functions internally or turn to BPOs to carry out specific functions. The first area of focus for many is contact center services. When businesses have grown to the extent that their own internal teams cannot handle or manage the volume of support requests in a timely and effective manner, it’s time to consider outsourcing all or part of that function to a professional team. Thus, it is not so much the size of a company but the pace of its growth that should play a determining factor when developing a contact center outsourcing strategy. 

In general, growth-related challenges are preferred to the alternative. As companies grow, they have more customers and thus, more demand for support. Proper support must be provided to ensure the company’s continued growth and success it’s an essential operational need for every company. Whether your company is small or large, well-established or just starting out, you can be ready to meet such operational challenges through contact center outsourcing. If you’re spending more time and resources on customer support than managing your core business, it is time to consider the benefits of an outsourcing relationship. 

How to Determine Which Contact Center Services Best Serve Customer Needs

Developing an outsourcing strategy to meet the challenges of growth is important for a company’s success, but determining which services best suit a company’s needs is just as important. 

If your company struggles to handle calls, chats, emails, and other customer interactions,  outsourcing some or all of these functions can help to accommodate growth. 

When developing an outsourcing strategy, you should first consider which outsourcing solutions your company needs. Before hiring a contact center service, define your current situation and expectations. Do you need them to handle interactions with an inbound team, outbound team, or both? To what degree is expertise and industry-specific knowledge required for your project? Understand which services are available from the outsourcing company, as well as the costs involved. When deciding which company to hire, make sure you apply a weighted value to your evaluation process, encompassing cost, quality, service benefits, and experience offered by the provider. Most importantly, hiring a provider should improve your customers’ experiences.  

Benefits of Outsourcing to Telecom, Inc.

Surprisingly, contact centers often help companies reduce costs while improving customer’s experiences. Telecom, Inc. provides services to companies ranging from small mom-and-pop answering services to large, publicly traded companies that utilize omnichannel support services. 

Cost Savings

The opportunity to save money is one reason companies turn to outsourcers. It’s not simply hiring personnel and paying wages, which can be substantial. You must also consider the associated overhead that drives up operating costs—the technology and equipment required to provide support, the workstations, buildings staff operate within, and the energy needed to power the operation. Staff needs to be properly screened and hired by qualified personnel in human resources and then professionally trained by someone else. Hiring and training costs are significant, as is the time it takes an employee to develop the necessary interpersonal communication and problem-solving skills the project requires. In sum, outsourcing with a contact call center redistributes and reduces those expenses for companies.

Full-Service Support Options

In addition to potential cost savings, there is an array of exceptional contact center services available to businesses, from inbound customer care to outbound sales and marketing, and any combination of omnichannel support services – voice, email, mobile, web, and social media monitoring to apply on a program. Telecom offers advanced, emerging technologies for its clients to choose from. Small and large companies benefit from Telecom’s commitment to stay current with technological advances in the field. 

Trained, Experienced Staff

As much as technology is vital to customer service success, so are interpersonal communication skills. Whether verbal or written, how a provider’s customer service personnel communicate is a big part of the contact center experience. Telecom is a domestic contact center staffed with agents fluent in English, Spanish, and additional languages upon request.

If your company is developing a contact center outsourcing strategy for 2022, contact Telecom, Inc. to discuss your needs. Our experienced team can optimize your customer experience while you focus your time and energy on growing your business.

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