Adapting Inbound Call Center Staffing to Meet Fluctuating Call Volumes

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As the term suggests, high call volumes are when business contact centers begin to experience more incoming phone calls than they are accustomed to or can handle. The given metric for high call volumes is a spike in inbound calls of at least 10% above the regular amount of calls within a comparable time. Typically, that spike would have to persist for several days or weeks. The cause may be a reflection of various factors—the holidays or seasonal promotions, marketing campaigns, or new product launches or upgrades. Volume may also be affected by staff turnover, service interruptions, recalls, or repeat callers.

Managing High Call Volumes for Customer Satisfaction

Managing high call volume is essential for effective customer service. As one may expect, failing to effectively address high call volumes or adapt to fluctuating call volumes can have negative consequences for a business, starting with lower customer satisfaction rates followed by damage to your brand’s reputation and then loss of business. The importance of good customer experiences cannot be underestimated. That first phone call is important. It only takes one bad experience to drive away customers. As reported by Microsoft, not just a handful, but nearly two-thirds of respondents in one consumer report—61% of them—said they would stop doing business with a company and switch brands due to a poor customer service experience.

To manage fluctuating call volumes, companies can benefit by implementing flexible workforce strategies at their inbound call centers. By efficiently scaling staffing levels to handle fluctuating call volumes, high call volumes can be managed more effectively during peak periods, minimizing wait times for callers and improving customer satisfaction. 

Perhaps no better way to implement a flexible workforce strategy for your company is by partnering with a professional contact center service to manage all inbound call center activities. What is an inbound call center, you may ask?  An inbound call center is a business that answers incoming phone calls from customers; for things like customer service inquiries or to assist with troubleshooting. Outsourcing inbound call center staffing is truly a hassle-free strategy for companies to adapt. Here’s why:

Why Outsource Your Inbound Call Center?

Scale with Fluctuation – With scalability, companies can adjust the number of call center agents based on fluctuating call volumes. During seasonal peaks or peak hours during the week, the number of agents on hand can be increased to ensure all customer inquiries are handled promptly. On the other hand, when call volume drops during slower periods, the number of agents can be reduced to optimize costs. More importantly, by ensuring that an adequate number of agents are available to handle incoming calls, companies will minimize wait times and provide better customer service, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty to your brand.

Cost-Effective – As a workforce strategy, professional contact center services are also cost-effective. Instead of continually hiring and training temporary staff in-house, which can be time-consuming and costly in many ways, companies that outsource their contact center need only pay for the services during the times they are used. There are no overhead expenses such as salaries, benefits, and office space to manage. Professional contact centers have the infrastructure, technology, and resources in place to quickly scale up or down based on demand fluctuations. This allows companies to handle increased call volumes during peak seasons without having to worry about staffing shortages or inefficiencies. In short, agents work on an as-needed basis. 

Flexibility & Growth Minded – Having the flexibility to scale operations up or down to meet fluctuating call volumes is another advantage of outsourcing inbound contact center staffing to a professional service provider. Generally, companies are only committed to pay for what they need when they need it. This flexibility allows companies to adapt more effectively to changing market conditions and customer demands. 

High-Level of Expertise –  One last, but important workforce strategy to consider when partnering with a professional contact center service, is the degree of expertise in staffing that is available for companies. These contact centers are staffed by professional agents who specialize in customer support and are skilled in handling various types of inquiries and customer interactions. This expertise ensures that customers receive high-quality service, which can enhance satisfaction and loyalty. Telecom, Inc., is a professional contact center service provider that offers comprehensive personalized customer care solutions. Among our many services, we collaborate with companies in implementing flexible workforce strategies designed to meet their specific needs, be it fluctuating call volumes, optimizing operations, reducing costs, or improving customer service. For more information, contact Telecom today.

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